5 Conspiracy Theories You Just Shouldn’t Believe

5 Conspiracy Theories You Just Shouldn’t Believe

The American people have an enduring fascination with conspiracy theories and the event in American history that boasts more theories than most is the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Despite an official investigation, 50 years later many still believe that there’s information being kept from the public. But what if it wasn’t a conspiracy? What if it was simply Lee Harvey Oswald, a missed shot, and an accidental victim? That’s the argument behind acclaimed historian and David Frost’s Watergate advisor James Reston Jr.’s new book The Accidental Victim. So we invite you to enjoy these ridiculous conspiracies before settling down with The Accidental Victim to finally learn the truth about one of the most talked about days in American history.

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The Moon Landing and the Overlook Hotel



The 1980 film The Shining is no stranger to some outlandish conspiracy theories. In fact an entire documentary, Room 237, was released earlier this year explaining some of them. One favorite is that the film’s director, Stanley Kubrick, helped the government fake the moon landing and The Shining is his confession. Some of the evidence: the creepy twins represent NASA’s Gemini, protagonist Jack Torrance types “all” on the typewriter but it should be read A11 for Apollo 11, and Jack’s son Danny wears an Apollo 11 sweatshirt.

Beyoncé and the All-Seeing Eye


Blame Dan Brown but these days it seems like you can’t go one week without hearing about another Illuminati conspiracy theory. One popular idea that just won’t go away is that popular singers like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are all puppets of the organization and are spreading sadistic propaganda through their songs and music videos. Apparently Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter’s name is an acronym for “Born Living Under the Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest”—Blue Ivy. Oh and when Beyoncé invited Taylor Swift onstage at the 2009 Video Music Awards she was really initiating her into the organization.

Hogwarts Was All in Harry’s Head



How disappointing would this have been as the ending of the seventh Harry Potter novel? One Cracked writer puts forth the theory that Harry made up Hogwarts as part of a fantasy coping theory to deal with the abuse and neglect he suffered at the hands of his aunt and uncle. He images a world in which he is taken away from them, has plenty of money and friends, and is a hero. That’s pretty dark stuff, even for a Harry Potter novel.

Three Men, a Baby and a Ghost?

Three Men and a Baby is a classic nineties feel-good movie, but did it have a horrific connection to a grisly death? For years rumors persisted that in one of the scenes in Jack, Peter, and Michael’s bachelor pad keen-eyed viewers could pick out the ghost of a little boy who committed suicide in the apartment. Whether you believe in ghosts or not is irrelevant when you take into account the fact that the movie was filmed on a Toronto soundstage and not in a real apartment.

Nicolas Cage = Edward Cullen?


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About two years ago a man posted a picture on eBay of a Civil War era man who shared a likeness with the National Treasure star. The man not only claimed that it was proof that Cage was immortal but also that he was a vampire. He pointed out that when you look at Cage’s films, all the way back to the 1980s, he looks the same in all of them. The man should have stopped his theory at immortality. His notion that Cage is a vampire was quickly shut down by vampire experts who pointed out that vampires can’t be photographed.