Read Kiddo Read

Read Kiddo Read

Snowed in with your kids? Or perhaps you have a few young readers to buy gifts for this season? Keep their imaginations alive and thriving with any these books from James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read!

Great Transitional Books (Ages 6 and Up)

Hello Nebulon The One and Only Ivan Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom Earwig and the Witch
For the kid with eyes on the skies For the lover of animals great and small For the adventurous Indiana Jones For the magical and mischievous

Great Page Turners (Ages 8 and Up)

The Homework Machine Breadcrumbs The Dragon of the Cripple Creek
For the techie-in-training For the kid who can’t stop quoting Frozen For the kid against slaying dragons
Whales on Stilts The Lemonade War The Grand Plan to Fix Everything
For the child wild with imagination For your entrepreneur For the budding cinephile

Great Advanced Reads (10 & Up)

Etiquette and Espionage The Big Splash One Crazy Summer Revolution is Not a Dinner Party
For your warrior princess For your little Soprano For the kid who longs for warmer weather For your worldly historian
The Fox Inheritance Death Cloud Out Of My Mind Stuck on Earth
For the kid who longs for new worlds For the young consulting detective For the wallflower with something to say For the kid who’s convinced his classmate is an alien

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