Read Your Way Through The Holidays

Read Your Way Through The Holidays


Between the wrapping paper and the ribbons, the grocery store and the stove, you may feel as though your free time has been swept away in the latest blizzard. Zola has a few recommended reads for the rare moments you do get to sit back and relax this holiday season.

Middlemarch book coverWhat to Read When Your One-Night Supply of Lamp Oil Lasts Eight Nights
A miracle has happened! More light equals more time to read and now you can really invest in something worthwhile. A classic like Middlemarch is the perfect choice. Centered in the fictional town of Middlemarch, this book has interwoven tales of scandal and intrigue. Often called a masterpiece of English literature, this book is definitely more than a one-night read.

Love Minus Eighty book coverWhat To Read In Line At Macy’s
The holidays are about spending time with the people who matter, not waiting on lines while weighed down with bags. To distract you from the shopping shuffle we recommend Love Minus Eighty. In the vein of novels like Farenheit 451, this science fiction book presents a wry take on the future of online dating and social media. So give in to the technology and let this futuristic world help take you far far away from the reality of the line you’re waiting on.

La Cucina book coverWhat To Read While Cooking Dinner
Stuck keeping on eye on the food while the rest of your guests mingle? Lean back on that counter and pull up La Cucina. While you wait for your to turkey glow golden brown, you’ll be transported to the island of Sicily and the kitchen of the passionate and sensual Rosa Fiore. Filled with romance, family bonds, and heavenly dishes, this book is sure to whet your appetite and keep you distracted until you’re ready to feast.

1776 book coverWhat to Read With the Ghost of Christmas Past
If the Ghost of Christmas Past knows anything it’s… well… the past. So sitting down with this apparition to read 1776 is bound to be illuminating. What could be better than reading a book about the American Revolution with someone who can take you there?

Life After Favre book coverWhat To Read Before Game Time
No matter where your football allegiance falls, any fan of the sport can enjoy Phil Hanrahan‘s Life After Favre—the dramatic tale of the Green Bay Packers’ first season without quarterback Brett Favre and the start of their road to a victory in Super Bowl XLV. So while the players warm up their muscles, you can grab a beer, some wings, and revisit an extraordinary NFL story.

Divergent book coverWhat to Read While Waiting for the Ball to Drop
A new year is about to begin and it’s time to take another step forward into the future. So why not get in the spirit by reading a dystopian novel? Divergent takes place in a futuristic version of Chicago where everyone is divided into factions based on aptitude. The future in the book may look scary, but the engaging story will distract you from your own fears of what the new year will bring and simply allow you to enjoy the night.

This article originally appeared on Zola Books.