Literary Jewelry For Book Lovers

Literary Jewelry For Book Lovers


Lovers of literature rarely remain mum on their favorite reads, instead they speak to anyone and everyone about their current book of choice. These amazing and creative pieces of jewelry can help your book lover show the world their greatest passion even when they’re too engrossed in a book to discuss it.

Alice in Wonderland watchSo your reader will never be late for a very important date, this watch from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild celebrates the whimsy of Lewis Carroll’s beloved novel through colorful versions of Alice in Wonderland‘s original illustrations.


Etsy user junkstudio creates lockets that showcase classic and modern book covers. The lockets have space for two keepsakes, allowing a reader to keep a photo or perhaps even a favorite quote close at all times.

Holden's HatEast and West EggDown the Rabbit Hole Alice in Wonderland

The online shop Out of Print has a variety of literary treasures—everything from shirts to notebooks to matchbooks! Their jewelry, in particular, is a subtle and classy way to pay homage to a wonderful book.

The Hunger Games 1The Hunger Games 2

The recent release of Catching Fire, the second film adaptation of The Hunger Games series, has fans looking for any way to show their support for Katniss Everdeen. Etsy user WearingBEAUTY has been creating bracelets featuring the mockingjay pin Katniss wears.

While some may comment politely on this sailing ship necklace from the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, any seasoned Melville reader can smile to themselves and know the wearer has bested The Whale.

VoldemortFeeling a little power hungry? Slip on this ring—inspired by Voldemort’s second Horcrux and created by laurabestgift on Etsy.


CafePress designer Ciara Morris has created jewelry fit for any YA enthusiast. Fans of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars are sure to love these pieces that feature a beautiful quote from Hazel Grace on Gus.

Red RumThe Shining
From subtle charms that allude to moments in the novel to an in-your-face, blood dripping piece that demands notice—it’s easy to find a piece to complement the Stephen King lover in your life thanks to Etsy users like otterlydesign and CherryPiePunk.

50 Shades51 ShadesJewelry designer Janet Cadsawan collaborated with author E.L. James on a line of jewelry inspired by 50 Shades of Grey, allowing fans of the trilogy to carry a little piece of Christian Grey with them wherever they go.

Lucifer's Key necklaceSandmanSome women claim jewelry is the key to their heart, but this piece opens a lot more than that. Designed by KunoichiCreations and inspired by Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman series this necklace is based on Lucifer’s key to Hell in The Sandman: Season of Mists.


Tessa couldn’t remember a time before she owned the clockwork angel and now fans of The Infernal Devices can feel like they own one as well thanks to Viviane Hebel’s collection based on the series.


Reading the books or watching the latest film, lovers of The Hobbit can show their passion for the story by wearing the One Ring (if they dare) or a necklace depicting the Arkenstone clutched in the claw of Smaug, one of the last great dragons of Middle Earth.

The EndAnd finally we come to the end with these perfect earrings that represent what all book lovers enjoy – the start of a new book and the ending of a great one.

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