YA Senior Year Superlatives

YA Senior Year Superlatives


As students head back to hallways and start decorating their lockers, we couldn’t help but wonder… what would it be like if all of our favorite characters went to the same high school? Our YA High is full of popular literary favorites and some new kids you definitely want to sit next to in homeroom.

“The Chemical Garden Trilogy,” by Lauren DeStefano

Lauren DeStefano’s final installment, “Sever,” of The Chemical Garden trilogy isn’t due until February, but it’s no secret that her heroine Rhine has had her share of high fashion. In a world in which all women die at age 20, Rhine is kidnapped and married off to a wealthy man named Linden. She has to deal with a super creepy (and possibly murderous) father-in-law and two sister wives, but in exchange, she get showered with the finest that fashion has to offer.

Hottest Mess
“The Blessed,” by Tonya Hurley
Tonya Hurley’s latest novel, “The Blessed” centers around three Brooklyn teens who are lured to a church to meet a secretive (and super-handsome) young man named Sebastian who thinks he is a saint. Not in the “I’m a really nice guy” kind of way, but more like the “I am going to be canonized” kind of way. One of the girls, Lucy, is a fame-seeking Paris Hilton-type who, though she’s featured on all the gossip blogs, is really just an empty shell who should get herself together. Luckily, Sebastian has bigger plans for Lucy. 

Most Inspiring
“The Fault in Our Stars,” by John Green

While “The Fault in Our Stars” could easily be rated the book “Most Likely to Make You Cry,” Green’s first female narrator, Hazel, will ultimatey end up making you smile. Though her cancer diagnosis is terminal, Hazel’s voice resonates strongly as she finds a way to make anyone find a way to make every remaining moment special.

Best Frenemies
“Pretty Little Liars,” by Sara Shepard
With friends like this you really don’t need any enemies. The source material for the hit ABC Family show of the same name, the Pretty Little Liars series is about a group of friends who are harassed by a mysterious person called “A.” Murder, mysteries, arson and an insane asylum later… Sara Shepard still has us guessing.

Cutest New Couple
“The Selection,” by Kiera Cass
America was reluctant to enter a lottery called “The Selection” in which girls compete for the heart of the prince of her dystopian land. After all, she has a hot boyfriend who she loves, despite their class differences. But when her family pushes her into an opportunity to help change their station in life, America travels to the palace, only to find out Prince Max is way more of a charmer than she ever imagined. Now they’ve started dating, and they have our vote for Homecoming King & Queen. 

Class Clown
“The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection,” by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
The Caster Chronicles will reach its conclusion this fall with the publication of “Beautiful Redemption.” But with a movie in the works, audiences will be able to get a fresh new take on the sophomoric but loveable Link, best friend to the series narrator Ethan, whose wisecracks often bring much-needed comic relief in the war between light and dark Casters. 

Most School Spirit
“The Hunger Games,” by Suzanne Collins
There is always that one person who gets super-psyched for school events. Whether it’s the pep rally or the spring formal, somebody that spirited always steps up as the leader. Let’s just all volunteer “The Hunger Games'” Effie Trinket to be that person. May the odds be ever in her favor! 

Best Nickname
“The Divergent Series,” by Veronica Roth
Dally. Catnip. The Boy Who Lived. Young adult novels are full of fitting nicknames, but this year, there is one that is the perfect fit. Let’s hear it for “Four” from the Divergent series. His moniker comes from his faction training in which it was revealed that he was only afraid of four things–but can he conquer his greatest fear of all–his father?

Most Talented
“Under the Never Sky,” by Veronica Rossi
In the sea of dystopian novels, Veronica Rossi managed to make “Under the Never Sky” a stand out by giving her heroine the gift of song. The appropriately names Aria is a beautiful singer, who often escapes into “realms” to perform for her friends and mother. And while she isn’t the most kick butt heroine, she certainly is the one you want to see win “American Idol.” 

Most Likely to Be a Millionaire
“Tempest,” by Julie Cross
Okay, so Jackson Meyer is the time-traveling lov- struck hero of Julie Cross’ “Tempest.” But let’s not forget that it his brainy friend Adam who helps to figure out the science behind his “jumps” and helps him to keep his timelines straight. You know that guy is totally going to be the next Zuckerberg. 


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