Much Ado About Something: The Ultimate William Shakespeare Gift Guide

Much Ado About Something: The Ultimate William Shakespeare Gift Guide


Huzzah! Just in time for William Shakespeare’s birthday on April 23, we’ve pulled together 23 Shakespeare gifts to satisfy even the most Bard-obsessed among us. From tea time to cocktail hour, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate William Shakespeare gift guide. All the world’s a store and we’re ready to get shopping.

Get cozy and enjoy a nice cuppa Shakespeare-themed tea.

Put the “t”ea in literature with this fun mug.

Add some “eye of newt” to your cupcake batter and use these liners for a tea-party treat.

For a festive sweet, enjoy the Bard on a chocolate lollie.

To wear or not to wear these earrings. That is the question.

When you take these Romeo and Juliet flats off at the end of the day, parting with them will be “such sweet sorrow.”

Desdemona would definitely not misplace this lovely handkerchief.

Wear the Bard of Avon over your heart with this adorable ceramic brooch.

Add these charming lockets to your library.

For the apparel oft proclaims the man, especially when wearing this shirt.

Burn some daylight while wearing these ceramic pins.

This Warhol-esque print of the Bard “doth teach the torches how to burn bright.”

Light the wick and proclaim, “How far that little candle throws his beams!

Readeth these books we will.

Surely even Lady Macbeth would be able to wash the blood from her hands with this charming soap.

Sit this action figure right down and get him scribbling some iambic pentameter with his quill.

Switch the Bard in and out of his many codpieces and coxcombs, doublets and stomachers with these fun fridge magnets.

Buy this book, you “poisonous bunch-back’d toad.”

Share a nip of something strong in this glass with your own Romeo or Juliet.

Pop open a brew and “drink down all unkindness.”

Wine may have an “invisible spirit” but you can protect your tables from the marks its glasses make with these coasters.


This tabletop bar is sure to please the Shakespeare lover who has everything.

Before we exeunt, consider grabbing a copy of the Bard’s complete works based on the first folio.

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