Get Your Book Club Talking with Bookish’s Wilder Girls Discussion Guide

Get Your Book Club Talking with Bookish’s Wilder Girls Discussion Guide

Wilder Girls discussion guide

Wilder Girls by Rory Power is Bookish’s summer 2019 Kelly’s Pick, and we want your book club to be prepared with everything you need for a great meeting! Spark some fun and fascinating conversation with these 12 questions for your book club’s discussion of Wilder Girls.

Psst: Read an excerpt of the book here!

Reader beware: Spoilers ahead.

1) Wilder Girls has been compared to Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Do you see the books as similar? In what ways are they different?

2) Why do you think each girl had different Tox symptoms? Do you see the symptoms as symbolic?

3) If you had the Tox, what symptoms do you think you would have?

4) How did you feel about the gore in this novel? What do you feel it contributed to the story as a whole?

5) At one point in the novel, Mona says that she would choose to keep her Tox symptoms even if the disease were cured. Why do you think this might be?

6) Why do you think the author showed the Tox affecting men and boys differently than it did the girls on the island?

7) What do you think of the environmental thread in this novel? What statement do you feel like the author is making?

8) How did you feel about the shift in Byatt’s narration later in the novel? Do you believe Hetty knew the real Byatt?

9) If Reese had narrated a section of the novel, what might it have looked like?

10) How do you feel about the ending of this novel? Do you like that it left room for reader interpretation?

As an added bonus, here are two questions suggested by author Rory Power:

11) Consider Ms. Welch, a former teacher at Raxter who now runs Boat Shift. Do you feel bad for her? Looking at her actions in the novel (keeping secrets from the girls, making decisions about what supplies to bring back, etc), do you think she was doing the right thing? What do you think she could’ve done differently?

12) What do you think is at the heart of the friendship between Reese and Byatt? And what do you think Reese sees that Hetty doesn’t?


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