Boat Shift Delivery: What to Serve at Your Wilder Girls Book Club Meeting

Boat Shift Delivery: What to Serve at Your Wilder Girls Book Club Meeting

Raxter Island

Wilder Girls by Rory Power is Bookish’s summer 2019 Kelly’s Pick, and we want your book club to be prepared with everything you need for a great meeting–including snack, drink, and decoration suggestions!

Psst: Read an excerpt of the book here!


All of the food on Raxter Island is delivered by the government. It usually consists of expired canned goods and the occasional piece of fruit (like an orange), and every once in a while the Boat Shift members split a single bar of chocolate. Go along with the book’s pre-packaged culinary theme by hanging up your chef’s hat and buying ready-made snacks at the grocery store. Trail mix and gummy worms are a fun way to channel the wilderness of the island, while a fruit bowl or veggie platter can highlight what the girls missed. And you certainly need to have some chocolate. Just make sure to check those expiration dates!

If your group usually organizes potluck meals, ask everyone to bring an item that they’d miss if they were trapped on Raxter.



On Raxter Island, the girls have one option when it comes to drinks: bottled water delivered by the government. This makes your job as book club host easy, but we recommend giving your water bottles a Wilder Girls makeover with this custom label:


If you want to add a bit of flavor, try making a pitcher of lemonade! Use food coloring or flavored syrups to make three batches: Raxter Blue (for the irises and the crabs found on the island), Potential RAX009 (for the vial Hetty discovers in the forest), and the Tox. 

For your Raxter Blue lemonade, we recommend making this blueberry lemonade recipe. For an easy fix, use blue food coloring. 


For your Potential RAX009 lemonade, we recommend making this strawberry lemonade recipe. For an easy fix, use red food coloring.


For your Tox lemonade, we recommend making this mint lemonade recipe. For an easy fix, use green food coloring. 



Transporting your book club to Raxter Island is easier than you think. First, consider holding your meeting outdoors in a local park or near the water. Being in nature is certain to make you feel closer to the characters and setting.

If your meeting will be indoors, you can still give your space a Raxter feel with terrariums or mini plants like succulents. As a bonus, members can take them home at the end of the meeting.

We’d love to see how your meeting turns out! Snap a pic and tag us: @BookishHQ!


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