Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: When To Leave Your Book Club

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: When To Leave Your Book Club

leave your book club

What’s not to love about book club? You get to hang out with friends, talk about books, and if you’re lucky, eat some awesome snacks. Over time, however, something about a book club can feel start to feel a little off. Maybe you’re over the reading selections, or you aren’t happy with the structure of the meetings. Maybe you can’t get a word in edgewise, or it just isn’t fun anymore. It’s good to know when your book club is no longer a great fit so you can start looking for something better. Read on for signs it’s time to leave your book club.


You don’t like the books

Maybe your book club has gotten very into sci-fi novels, but you’re on a romance kick. It happens! The tastes of a book club are likely to shift over time.  It’s okay to recognize that you’ve moved in different directions.


You’re not enjoying the conversation

Does your book club love talking about literary devices, while you just want to gush about the author? There’s nothing wrong with either approach, but a situation like this one might be a sign you’d be happier in a different book club.


It’s turned into a social club

One of the best things about book clubs is that they’re great ways to make close friends. But maybe your book club has nurtured such close friendships that the meetings have become all about catching up instead of reading. It might be time to find a new, more focused club.


No one ever reads the book

Are you consistently the only person who reads the agreed-upon book before the meeting? That’s ok–odds are, meetings are still fun just because of the company. But it might be worth looking into a club with more motivated readers.


It’s gotten too big

Your book club might have been small at the beginning, with five close friends meeting each month to chat. But over the years, more and more people have joined, and suddenly it’s hard to get a word in edgewise or take a deep dive into a topic.


… You feel like it!

Maybe something just doesn’t feel quite right anymore. You don’t need a compelling reason to move on. Book clubs are supposed to be a fun way to read and socialize. If something seems off, don’t sweat it! Your perfect book club could be right around the corner.

Not sure where to turn after leaving your book club? Try starting your own! Check out our tips here.

Elizabeth Rowe
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