What Your Beach Towel Says About What You Should Read

What Your Beach Towel Says About What You Should Read

Sunscreen? Check. Cute new swimsuit? Check. Towel? Check. But what to read… Looks aren’t everything, but we here at Bookish are all for a little bit of vacation coordination if the opportunity presents itself. Here, we’ve selected the perfect book covers to go with your beach towel, no matter what it looks like. From mod to morbid, here are the tome-and-towel pairings we’re most eager to sport while enjoying the sand, sun, and surf.

Relax on a colorful starburst-patterned towel and soak up some rays.

Books may be smelly in Gary Shteyngart’s futuristic novel, but we think they look great with this polka-dot towel.

This frog-green towel matches Emma Donoghue’s mystery perfectly.

Just don’t get sunburned while lounging on this towel, okay? Okay.

It’s worth less than the painting in Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer-winner, but we still think this bird towel is the perfect match.

We think Patricia Storace’s novel looks heavenly with this towel by Vertty.

You’ll look like a Cool Girl reading Gillian Flynn’s popular thriller on this black-and-white stunner.

Hang out with an eight-legged buddy long after the story has ended.

Get in the spirit of Andrew Meredith’s morbid memoir, and make sure to stake out a good plot—we mean spot—on the beach.

Attract your own winged warrior with this uplifting towel.

Why is there a necktie on your towel? We’ll never tell…



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