What We’re Reading: September 16

What We’re Reading: September 16

Here are the Bookish staff’s personal weekend reading recommendations; have you read any of them? Tell us in the comments what you’ll be reading this weekend! If you’re still looking for some inspiration, check out our Fall Previews for a look at the best books of the season.

Empire of Storms

This wins the book hangover of the year award. Empire of Storms is a book of revelations, and I was amazed by Sarah J. Maas’ intricate plotting and the amount of setup she had carefully laid in previous books. There are a lot of payoffs here and more to come. The action is nonstop, and the characters are nuanced, flawed, and utterly human (even when they’re not). Without spoiling anything, the ending left me breathless and I’m already counting down the days until the next and final book. Readers can check back later this month for my interview with Maas, where she’ll not doubt tease us wickedly about what’s to come. —Kelly


This book is well titled, because it’s easily one of my most beloved volumes. I’m always floored by how visceral and evocative Toni Morrison’s prose is, and I return to it frequently when I want to feel inspired. —Elizabeth

Under the Black Flag

Ten years ago I was introduced to David Cordingly’s Under the Black Flag, a history book about the role pirates have played in the world. It’s one of those nonfiction books that is so fascinating and deals with a subject so well that it merits another read. —Bob

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

For our reading challenge this month, we’re picking up the shortest books in our TBR piles. Clocking in at just over 200 pages, this slim thriller is told from the point of view of a girlfriend on a road trip with her boyfriend, who she’s considering dumping. Every few chapters, readers are given snippets of conversation about a terrible murder that has occurred. I’m about halfway through and can’t wait to see how the two storylines converge. —Kelly

Death’s End

I’m fascinated by reading works in translation. Currently I’m reading and enjoying Death’s End, the third in the Three-Body trilogy by Cixin Liu, China’s most beloved science fiction author. —Bob







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