What to Do When You Hate Your Book Club Book (Besides Drinking More Wine)

What to Do When You Hate Your Book Club Book (Besides Drinking More Wine)

hate your book club book

Picking up a new book can be like going on a date. You might fall in love, or you might know right away it’s not a match. But what do you do when you start reading your book club’s latest pick and know right away that you’re not interested? Never fear, Bookish is here with some tips for what to do when you hate your book club book.


Do be honest

It’s okay not to like a book, even if your friends loved it. Reading taste is subjective, and there’s nothing wrong with telling your friends you and a certain book didn’t click. Plus, different reactions to a book can fuel a great conversation.


Don’t feel pressured to finish

Life is too short to read books you hate! If you are really struggling with a book club pick, it’s okay to move on. You can read a review to see how the story ends. Be honest with your book club about your feelings, and don’t worry–there will be a new (and hopefully better!) book next month.


Do examine your feelings

It can be interesting to talk about why you hate a book. Is it the writing style? The plot? Is one character driving you bananas? Tell your club about it! This kind of insight can make for a great book club meeting.


Don’t make the same mistake twice

Once you’ve decided why you hated the book, be mindful about not making book club picks in the future that will echo some of those same problems. Did you discover you can’t stand nonfiction? Pick a novel next month.


Do play nice

Did your book-club bestie love the very novel that drove you crazy? That’s ok. Remember that books speak to different people in different ways. No one in your club is wrong for loving a book that you couldn’t stand, and you’re not wrong either!


Don’t forget to have fun

Book club meetings are always fun, even if the book wasn’t your cup of tea. Enjoy the company of your friends, enjoy some delicious snacks, and have a blast. Don’t let a bad book ruin your fun time!

Elizabeth Rowe
Elizabeth is Bookish's Senior Editor and a graduate of Columbia University's MFA program in Nonfiction Writing. She is based in San Francisco and can frequently be found at Philz with her nose in a book. Her current obsession is the My Struggle series by Karl Ove Knausgaard, and she thoroughly embarrassed herself when she met him shortly after the release of volume four (and she has the photos to prove it).


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