What Are Chef Daniel Boulud’s Favorite Fast Foods?

What Are Chef Daniel Boulud’s Favorite Fast Foods?

Superstar French chef Daniel Boulud has built an empire of fine dining, with top-notch, elegant restaurants around the world–from Beijing, to London, to his adoptive hometown of New York, where he operates his three-Michelin-star restaurant, Daniel, as well as seven other restaurants. But what does such an uncompromising chef of haute cuisine do when he’s traveling–and the food options are severely limited? We asked Boulud, who has a new cookbook out, “Daniel: My French Cuisine,” to give us his pro tips for fast food on the go.


Almonds are my go-to power food–I eat them in the morning for instant energy, and they help keep hunger away throughout the day. So, on flights, long car rides and even long stints in the kitchen or at events, they are a healthy pocket snack.

Salted dried mango

I love having a bag with me for some light snacking. They are tart, tangy, chewy and fruity so do well any time of day in between any meal. Since they are dried, they also stay well while traveling.

Freshly made sandwiches

I really try to avoid eating the food on the plane, so when I reach the airport I try and find somewhere that has freshly made sandwiches/wraps–the less bread the better. I usually go for chicken or turkey because they are pretty standard and the protein will keep me full on a longer flight.

Salad bar

They are my go-to pit stop in New York (IF I cannot get to one of my restaurants!) because so many local delis/bodegas have them, and more and more you see a variety of what they offer–salads with kale, quinoa and of course lots of fresh veggies are what I go for. I like that I can choose my portion size and pick the healthiest options.

Potato chips

This is definitely more of a weakness, which sometimes happens when I am on the road and can indulge in my guilty pleasures. But, they are filling, and I look for kettle-cooked or interesting flavors by small producers (rather than big commercial brands), which are more accessible now. These tend to have less salt or fat, so, maybe not so guilty!

Daniel Boulud is a world-renowned French chef based in New York. He owns restaurants in New York, Miami, Palm Beach, London, Toronto, Montreal, Beijing and Singapore. He has won James Beard Foundation awards for “Outstanding Restaurant” (for Daniel in 2010), “Outstanding Restaurateur” (2006), “Best Chef, New York City” (1992) and “Outstanding Chef of the Year.”


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