Welcome to Bookish!

Welcome to Bookish!

Oh, hello there! We’re Bookish.

We’re a passionate team of book nerds and tech geeks working together to build something awesome. We’re creating a digital hangout we think will soon be the most comprehensive reading destination on the internet (not to mention on your tablet, e-reader, and the cell phone in your pocket.)

We’re so excited to show it off to all of you in the next few months! But while we smoke out bugs and spelling errors, we’ll be checking in here to introduce our staff and chat about interesting things happening in books, tech, and the shark-infested waters in between. Join us!


  1. Bookish! Glad to see you all have a blog! I cannot tell you how excited this endeavor makes me, both personally and professionally. I look forward to what you all are going to offer, and don’t worry – I am telling all of my friends about it. Carry on!

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