Watch The Epic ‘Primarchs’ Trailer

Watch The Epic ‘Primarchs’ Trailer


Available May 29, 2012, “The Primarchs” is the 20th book in the “Horus Heresy” saga, set in the Black Library’s “Warhammer 40K” universe. The long-runnning series has been helmed by various authors and has long been telling the story of the emperor’s son, Horus, and his weakening by the forces of Chaos. Eventually, he turns on the Emperor and the Empire, pitting Legion against Legion as Space Marine battle-brothers struggle to identify where their Empire should head.

“The Primarchs” is an anthology of four novellas, focusing on the most powerful of warriors, made in the image of the Emperor himself, who lead mankind in battles throughout the Heresy. The Primarchs are said to be the princes of the galaxy, and have had no enemy stand against them for long, but their internal dissent may be what leads to their downfall.

The trailer below introduces an artistic interpretation of “The Primarchs,” as well as “Butcher’s Nails,” by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, an original audio introduction to the Primarch Angron, Horus’ bloody, dangerous soldier. View it here:


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