Book News: Trains to Catch

Book News: Trains to Catch


Catcher in the Rye‘s upcoming successors, Proust at Gare de l’Est, and a library’s recovery post-explosion.

SalingerAccording to David Shields and Shane Salerno’s upcoming biography “Salinger,” a series of posthumous releases by the author of Catcher in the Rye are planned for between 2015 and 2020.


EliotWhile that may seem like a pretty long wait, it barely matches the 33 years it took this Detroit highschool alumna to return a library loan.


NightGamesHad she been guardian to a 9-year-old boy and the book had been Night Games, she would have been a tad quicker on her feet–perhaps, like Jeannine Deeren, she would have asked the library to keep erotica away from the kids or to ban it altogether.


MangaThat seems to be the Japanese school board’s M.O. when it comes to anti-WWII manga, anyway.


AtwoodSpeaking of comics, Margaret Atwood is working on a graphic novel of the Handmaid’s Tale–or so she claimed at the Edinburgh Book Fest, where she also said that “Lady MacBeth is the perfect corporate wife: she’s just trying to help him in his career.”


CotillardWe wonder if Marion Cotillard agrees: the Parisian A-lister will play LM in Justin Kurzel’s upcoming film adaptation.


ProustMeanwhile, these Parisian B-listers are playing up their literary connections for some extra cash, and it seems to be working–who cares if Proust actually graced Le Marcel while waiting for his train at Gare de l’Est?


CanadaWhile on the topic of trains: libraries across Maine are collecting donations to help rebuild a 60,000-book collection destroyed by the explosion of a runaway earlier this summer.


KicksLet’s hope they recover as fast as Kicks Books: six months after Sandy flooded their warehouse inventory, the Red Hook indie’s back in business.

This article originally appeared on Zola Books.