Tour of Duty: Battlefield Books Gone Global

Tour of Duty: Battlefield Books Gone Global

For history buffs or those who simply want to pay respects, combat and camaraderie abound in these books that take place in theaters of war around the world.

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    1. The Blood of Heroes

    James Donovan‘s new release, “The Blood of Heroes,” follows 175 Texans as they defend the Alamo against the Santa Ana-led Mexican Army for 13 days in 1836. Although the hardy group eventually succumbed to the much larger force, the book sheds light on the tactics, heroics and valor that helped the band of brothers stay alive for long enough to become legends.

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    2. Gettysburg

    Family fights family in this book that covers the most famous battle of the Civil War. Stephen Sears uses correspondence, first-person accounts and other original source material to fill in the missing pieces of the events before, during and after Gettysburg. Describing the Union against the Confederates in a fight for the very future of America, Sears paints a 150-year-old picture that feels fresh today.


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    3. At Dawn We Slept

    Historian Gordon Prange conducted numerous interviews with both American and Japanese service members who were involved in the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. His book covers the pre-bombing planning, the fateful day, the American response and the country’s subsequent entry into World War II. Prange died in 1980, months before the book was published, but Donald Goldstein and Katherine Dillonfinished the job he started.

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    4. Undefeated

    Almost three dozen survivors contributed their stories to Bill Sloan’s true tale of American fighters who were defending the Philippines at the beginning of World War II. They surrendered after a long, grisly fight and spent three years in Japanese POW camps, during which time they were forced to make the terrible Bataan Death March.

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    5. 1776

    The soldiers were freezing and miserable; the commanders struggled to maintain morale; the outcome of the Revolutionary War hung in the balance. David McCullough writes about these issues and more in his account of the pivotal year in British and American history, delving into famous figures like George Washington and King George III while also directing readers’ attention to the rank and file who suffered the greatest indignities.


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