#1 Book Club Pick Each Season from Our Editor’s Bookshelf to Yours

#1 Book Club Pick Each Season from Our Editor’s Bookshelf to Yours

Kelly’s Pick

Announcing a new recurring feature to help you and your book club decide what to read next—including exclusive materials hand-curated by the Bookish team!

What is Kelly’s Pick?
With exciting new releases hitting shelves each week, deciding what to read next can be a challenge. Kelly’s Pick is a new seasonal feature on Bookish.com aimed at helping book clubs discover their next read. The Bookish team isn’t just suggesting the book—we’re using it for our own book club as well and giving you all our goodies. Get ready for exclusive reading group content like discussion guides, author interviews, food and drink suggestions, playlists, and more to pair with each title we select!

So this is just for book clubs?
Nope! Though our content will be written with book clubs in mind, Kelly’s Pick is for all readers. Whether you’re part of a group or read solo, our picks and the accompanying content will be aimed at any and everyone who loves books.

Wait, who is Kelly?
Kelly is the executive editor of Bookish.com, though you may know her best for her monthly Bookish bingo challenge, her book club recommendations, or her author interviews. At heart, Kelly’s just your friendly neighborhood bookworm with a dream of helping readers all over the world find their next favorite book. Plus, she reads 100+ a year, so she’s always ready with a book recommendation.

Want to get to know Kelly better? She’s put together a list of some of her favorite books right here.

How are books chosen?
Each season, Kelly works with four members of the Bookish team to identify new releases that are ideal for book clubs. Between them, these book nerds have nearly 50 years’ worth of industry experience across publishing houses, bookstores, and book blogs. Kelly makes the final decision, but the entire team collaborates to ensure each pick is perfect for our readers. And don’t worry, you’ll meet the rest of the team soon.

What types of books will be featured?
The team uses several criteria to select each book. Each pick will be a book that sparks lively discussion, makes us think, and is either already buzzy in the book world or is flying under the radar. We’ll be taking our own advice and hosting an internal book club of our own, where the Bookish team reads the pick before we recommend it to our readers. Our tastes vary widely: We read everything from literary fiction to space operas, historical romance to medical memoirs, young adult to poetry. No genre is off-limits.

You mentioned exclusive content…
That’s right! All of the books selected as Kelly’s Pick will be paired with content created exclusively for book clubs and readers who want to take their reading experience to the next level. This will include discussion guides, author interviews, recommendations for what to read next, playlists, food and drink recipes, and more. The articles will be directly inspired by the book, so prepare for lots of surprises.

Plus, every season we’ll feature a recap of Bookish’s internal book club meeting to share our experiences of reading and discussing the book together and the results of any book club experiments (audiobooks, online discussions only, Skype meetings) that we test out.

But wait, there’s more! Every Kelly’s Pick will be available on BookishFirst.com, where you can read an excerpt and enter to win a copy. Yay!

So, what’s the first pick?

The inaugural Kelly’s Pick is….

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