Three Holiday Romance Authors Share Their Favorite Christmas Stories

Three Holiday Romance Authors Share Their Favorite Christmas Stories

This time of year everything is peppermint flavored, decked out in red and green, and given a holiday spin—even stories! Sourcebook romance authors Samantha Chase, Nicole Helm, and Terry Spear are getting in the spirit of the season. They’ve each published a new book set around Christmas. Here, these three holiday romance authors share their personal favorite Christmas stories.

Samantha Chase

Holiday romances are my absolute favorite to read! I read them year-round, but it’s especially wonderful to read them during the holidays. If you know me, you know that I also love to write Christmas romances. I try to write one (or sometimes two!) every year. Narrowing down my favorite holiday romances is not easy, but one does stand out.

Getting in the Spirit is a quick holiday romance that leaves you feeling good. It’s a novella and part of Erin Nicholas’ Sapphire Falls series. Though it isn’t the first book in the series, it was actually the first book that I read. It’s so cute and sexy. It takes place in the fictional town of Sapphire Falls, a place I would love to live. The novella takes place during the town’s Christmas festival. Read it only if you like fun, small town contemporary romances where they talk dirty and act even dirtier.

Nicole Helm

There’s something magical about the holidays, and when you add in the magic of happily ever after, it’s hard to go wrong.

I’m hopelessly undereducated when it comes to historical romances, so I just discovered Lisa Kleypas last year. Like everyone, I loved her Wallflowers series, and reading A Wallflower Christmas was a lot of fun. I adore the Bowman siblings, and I always find it interesting to read about Christmas celebrations from years ago. Plus, you get to see all of the couples living happily ever after, which is always my favorite part.

Another great holiday romance is A Copper Ridge Christmas by Maisey Yates. There’s a grumpy hero (my favorite), a happy and holiday-loving heroine, and the most romantic peanut butter sandwich ever (seriously).

Both novellas have lots of wit and warmth, perfect for the holiday season. I love novellas for Christmas romances. The season itself is so busy, and novellas give you a quick, satisfying HEA in between all the wrapping, decorating, and shopping.

Terry Spear

I love Christmas movies. The most poignant is It’s a Wonderful Life. A mistake is made at the bank and George Bailey’s family could lose everything because of it. George believes his family would be better off if he were dead. Then, an angel helps to show him what would happen if he’d never been born. This one little change impacts the entire town. His brother (who grew up to be a war hero) drowns because George isn’t there to save him, meaning the soldiers his brother saved died too. It’s a very emotional and touching story. George realizes how important he is to his family and friends, and how his good deeds and sacrifices helped so many people in his town. In the end, the town is willing to help him and George realizes just what a gift he has.





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