This Week’s Hottest Releases: October 30 — November 5

This Week’s Hottest Releases: October 30 — November 5

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 10 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Fall Previews for the best books coming out this season.

Monsters in Appalachia

Short story fans will not want to miss Sheryl Monks debut collection. These 15 tales skillfully blend reality and fantasy, with some stories having no magical elements at all, while others feature horrifying monsters. In the opener, a mother tries desperately to reunite with her son after murdering her abusive husband. The title story introduces readers to an elderly couple whose inner demons take on physical forms to torment them. In a starred review, Kirkus says, “[E]ach of these stories is as original and multidimensional as the characters who inhabit them.


A Wretched and Precarious Situation

In 1906, Commander Robert E. Peary spied a series of peaks from a hill in Greenland. Dubbing them Crocker Land, he came to the conclusion that this could be a new continent in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Years later, with the endorsement of former president Theodore Roosevelt, George Borup and Donald MacMillan set out to discover Crocker Land. They knew the journey would be a trying one, but even they couldn’t predict the blizzards, accidents, and disease that would impede their mission. Still, they pressed on. David Welky takes readers along on this true and incredible journey, where two men risked everything in the name of discovery.


In the Country of the Blind

Edward Hoagland’s 25th novel centers around the life of Press, a former Merrill Lynch stockbroker who has lost his job, his wife, and most of his vision. Tucked away in his Vermont cabin, Press lives a solitary life and spends his time listening to classical music. He’s resigned to living his days out like this, and is surprised when the locals begin to take an interest in him and his life. Hoagland, who is 83 and beginning to go blind himself, takes readers on an emotional journey through a world made up by Press’ other senses.

The Killing Ship

Antarctica’s remote and unforgiving landscape is the setting for Simon Beaufort’s latest mystery. Marine biologist Andrew Berrister is finishing up an assignment with his crew when they realize that they aren’t alone on Livingston Island. Their supplies have been taken, their radio destroyed, and two of their men are missing. At first, it seems as though the trespassers may be illegal whalers. But as the tale unfolds, it becomes clear that their motives are far more sinister.


Archangel’s Heart

Zhou Lijuan, Archangel of China and Goddess of Death, has disappeared. It’s been two years since she was last sighted, and her lands have begun to suffer in her absence. The most power archangels on Earth are called together to decide what to do with her territory. Archangel Raphael and human-turned-angel Elena join the group in Morocco, only to discover that things are far worse than they ever could’ve imagined. The ninth installment in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series is sure to please series fans.


The Amateurs

Sara Shepard is back with a thrilling young adult whodunit. Seneca Frazier is a member of Case Not Closed, a website dedicated to true crime cases. One day on the site, Seneca reads a call for help from Aerin Kelly, whose sister Helena was murdered five years earlier. Aerin hopes the CNC members can do what the police couldn’t: uncover who murdered Helena. Seneca travels to the scene of the crime (Dexy, Connecticut) and meets up with Aerin and Maddy Wright, Seneca’s friend from CNC. With the help of Bret, another CNC user, they start to hunt down clues.


The Friendship Experiment

Madeline Little feels lost after the death of her beloved grandfather, a microbiologist who nurtured her passion for science. It doesn’t help that she’ll be starting a new school or that her best friend transferred and won’t be there with her. Middle school is a mystery, and she doesn’t have any theories about how to make new friends there. She tackles the problem the only way she knows how: science. During her lunches, she sits and writes standard operating procedures for life in her notebook (such as: How to Survive Lunch at a Table of Misfit Know-It-Alls). Without even realizing it, Maddie starts to make friends with the other students around her. Things are going well until her new friends discover what she’s been writing about them. Erin Teagan’s debut novel is perfect for middle schoolers still learning the ins and outs of making friends.


The Bossier Baby

There’s a new boss in town. Marla Frazee’s Boss Baby isn’t as powerful as he used to be. His staff (read: parents) once obeyed his every command, but now they’re devoted to the whims of the new CEO, his baby sister. Armed with chewable pearls and an Etch-a-Sketch, the CEO monopolizes every moment of the staff’s day. Boss Baby tries and fails repeatedly to get their attention, eventually leaving to sulk. It’s then that the CEO decides to reach out to the once-mighty Boss Baby, and things start to turn around. Hilarious for both parents and young readers, Frazee’s latest is a hit.


  1. Disappointed not to see Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter on the list!! I’ve been looking forward to this book!

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