This Week’s Hottest Releases: May 8 — May 14

This Week’s Hottest Releases: May 8 — May 14

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 10 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Spring Previews for the best books coming out this season.


Odds are good that you’ve seen the script-scribbled cover of this book floating around the internet over the past few months: This book is very buzzy. There are good reasons for this. The bestselling author, Louise Erdrich, has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and has won a National Book Award. The novel itself tells the story of a man who accidentally shoots his neighbor’s young child while hunting. To atone for the terrible incident, the man and his wife offer their own son, LaRose, to the grieving family. As you might imagine, this leads to a complicated and grief-riddled dynamic between the two families. This is sure to be remembered as one of the year’s best novels.

Highly Illogical Behavior

Sixteen-year-old Solomon has spent the last three years inside of his house, and he isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. When his former classmate Lisa reenters his life with the intention of using cognitive behavior therapy to “fix” him (and secure a spot for herself in the country’s second-best psychology program), Solomon tells her to give it her best shot. He doesn’t want or need to be saved. Though when he meets and falls for Lisa’s boyfriend Corey, Solomon starts to think about the things that he misses about the outside world. Author John Corey Whaley channeled his own challenges with chronic anxiety to craft this moving young adult novel about an agoraphobic teenager.

Everything Is Teeth

Here at Bookish, we love a good graphic memoir. We went ape over Fun Home, we couldn’t put down Marbles, and now we have Everything Is Teeth to obsess over. In this memoir, Evie Wyld’s troubles start when she can’t stop vividly imagining sharks. Suddenly, in her waking life, she sees sharks everywhere and cannot help but obsess over the horrible fates that might befall her or her friends and family. This is a story about growing up and about the reality of anxiety. Fellow graphic memoir fans, this one is for you.

The Seed Collectors

This multigenerational novel begins with the death of Oleander Gardener. She never had children of her own, so it is her nieces and nephews (and their children) who gather at her country estate in England to pay their respects. In lieu of inheritance, each was given a mysterious seed pod. The story follows each member of the family but focuses often on Fleur, Oleander’s niece and a botanist, and Bryony, the mother of a daughter just starting to go through puberty. Kirkus calls Scarlett Thomas a “literary star,” so we’d recommend keeping your eyes on this author.

Shadow War

American mercenary Tom Locke is pulled out of a mission in Libya and sent to the Ukraine, where he has a mere five days to lead a revolt against Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces there. Easier said than done, but Locke has never shied away from a challenge before. Things only grow more complicated when he runs into a woman from his past who is now an investigative reporter working with a CIA agent. Author Sean McFate is a veteran paratrooper and military contractor and fans of the military thriller genre will enjoy the authenticity and realism he brings to his debut novel.

Danger, Sweetheart

Avid romance readers know the tropes of the genre inside and out; in fact they likely have a few favorites of their own (who doesn’t love a heroine who pretends to be someone else to win the hero’s heart?). In MaryJanice Davidson’s latest, she employs some of her all-time favorite cliches to create a book that is an ode to the romance novel. Davidson explains her intentions in an author’s note at the start, and then concludes the book with a list of the tropes that she used. This book pokes fun at some of the staples of the genre while letting readers in on the joke and still delivering a fun and sweet love story about a city slicker falling for his farm’s beautiful forewoman.

Valiant Ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution

Nathaniel Philbrick has made his career by transporting readers to various moments in history and telling stories that feel very immediate and real. You may know him best for 2006’s Mayflower, but in this latest historical narrative, Philbrick takes readers to the Revolutionary War from the years 1776 to 1780. Along the way, he introduces such notable historical figures as George Washington and Benedict Arnold, and gives readers a colorful account of the men’s flaws and strengths. History buffs: You absolutely will not want to miss this one.

The Fall of Butterflies

In Andrea Portes’ young adult novel, a teenage girl contemplates ending her life. Willa Parker’s future is all planned out, thanks to her mother: First, a move from Iowa to a pretentious prep school in New England and then onto Princeton. Willa, a misfit who has always felt like an outsider, agrees to move but makes a decision to kill herself long before she can be shipped off to an Ivy league school to build a life she doesn’t want. But then the unexpected happens: Willa makes a friend. Remy Taft is cool, fun, and hiding a few secrets of her own. As Willa begins to rethink her plans, she realizes that it’s Remy who is in danger of losing control of her life.

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island

We love the wild adventures that Dana Alison Levy’s Fletcher family gets into. And the fun doesn’t stop when Dad and Papa take their four boys on vacation to Rock Island. The Fletchers are eager to recreate all of their favorite summer memories: riding bikes, catching crabs, and visiting their favorite lighthouse. But they’re thrown for a loop when they arrive and find that the island has changed! A family with two girls has moved in next door to them, and their beloved lighthouse has closed down. This summer certainly won’t be like the last one, but the Fletchers are determined to make the most of it.


The Airport Book

Summer vacation is around the corner, and that means that many little readers will be experiencing their very first flight. Flying can be intimidating even for adults, and this introductory picture book from Lisa Brown is sure to help soothe worriers. The story follows a family from the moment they reach the airport until their plane takes off. Read this before your big family trip and ensure a smooth and fun flight.


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