This Week’s Hottest Releases: June 19 — June 25

This Week’s Hottest Releases: June 19 — June 25

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 10 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Summer Previews for the best books coming out this season.

As Good as Gone

If you keep a pair of cowboy boots in the back of your closet just in case, this book just might give you the reason you’ve been looking for to pull them out. In Larry Watson’s As Good as Gone, cowboy Calvin Sidey has agreed to do a favor for his son and grandchildren. The agreement seems simple–he just has to keep an eye on Bill’s kids for a week. But Calvin’s grandchildren are wrapped up in struggles of their own, and Calvin soon finds himself drawn into their lives, as well as battling ghosts from his own past. Calvin is a product of the Old West, and his preferred way of resolving an issue is with threats and, if necessary, a gun. The Old West and the 1960s collide in this tale about a cowboy battling his old demons in a rapidly shifting world.

My Last Continent

Travel to Antarctica (without the frostbite) in this new novel from Midge Raymond about Deb and Keller, two researchers in love. Deb and Keller have gotten to know each other over years of seasonal research in Antarctica, and have established a special relationship that might be more than a friendship. But one year, Keller doesn’t show up on the boat, and Deb knows something isn’t right. When a cruise ship nearby sends out distress signals and begins to sink, Deb must spring into action to help. The situation becomes that much more stressful when she realizes that Keller is aboard the doomed ship. If you’re torn between a love story and a good adventure tale, this exciting new novel just might strike the perfect balance.

Will & I

Clay Byars is, by many accounts, lucky to be alive. Byars survived a terrible car crash, only to suffer a stroke at the age of 18. Meanwhile, his identical twin, Will, remained healthy and carried on with his life–he went away to school and began a family of his own. What is it like to watch your twin live the life you might have imagined for yourself? Clay Byars gets at this impossible question in his new memoir, while telling an incredible story of his persistence and will to thrive. It’s hard to imagine a braver or more inspiring narrator than Byars, and we think readers who love memoirs will have trouble putting this one down.

The Detective & the Chinese High-Fin

Readers yearning to get away to sunny Los Angeles will relish this new installment in Michael Craven’s John Darvelle series. Darvelle has a new case: Keaton Fuller was murdered, and Darvelle’s job is to find out who did it. There’s only one problem: Pretty much everyone who knew Fuller hated him, so it’s hard to narrow down the motive. A lot of people wanted Fuller dead. Darvelle is determined, however, and digs deep into Fuller’s life and uncovers a surprising subculture of prized tropical fish with staggeringly large price tags. Darvelle knows something fishy is going on, but he’ll have to work quickly if he wants to get out alive.


They say you can’t go home again, and this just might be true for the protagonists in Michael Harvey’s new thriller set in a suburb of Boston. Kevin Pearce hasn’t been back to his old neighborhood in Brighton in almost three decades, but then he gets some troubling news from home: His friend is suspected of having committed several murders. Pearce knows he has no choice but to go home and to grapple with his past and everything he thought he left behind him in Brighton.  In a starred review, Kirkus writes “Sharp as the blades used to gut the guilty and innocent alike, Harvey’s fierce stand-alone is a blood-soaked tribute to finding your past and living with the consequences.”

Waypoint Kangaroo

Curtis C. Chen’s sci-fi spy thriller is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Evan Rogers has something that no other spy does: the pouch. It’s a portal he can use to store or retrieve items, and he’s the only one in the world who has access to it. The pouch is how he earned the nickname Kangaroo, and it could be the thing that saves his life when he ends up on a ship bound for Mars with a murderer. But his life isn’t the only one at stake. As he attempts to find the killer aboard the ship, he learns of a conspiracy that could affect the entire universe.


Secretly Hers

Romance readers can take a trip to the Rocky Mountains this week with Jamie Beck’s latest Sterling Canyon book. Newly 31, Kelsey Callihan is ready to get serious about her dreams of getting married and starting a family. She doesn’t have time to mess around with playboys, but can’t deny that it’s tempting to do exactly that with Trip Lexington. Together, they strike a bargain with mutual benefits: Trip will give Kelsey advice on how to snag her dream man, and in return she agrees to a friends-with-benefits relationship that’ll end once she finds a boyfriend. But what happens when neither wants it to end?

Mirror in the Sky

Aditi Khorana’s young adult novel begins with the startling discovery of an alternate Earth called Terra Nova. The entire world soon becomes obsessed with thinking about the versions of themselves that live on this different planet, and high school junior Tara Krishnan isn’t any different. She can’t help but think about what the Tara living on Terra Nova is like. Is her life better? Is she happier? The sci-fi elements are lightly threaded through this tale of a girl learning to manage her insecurities and find confidence in the choices she makes for her life.

School of the Dead

Readers looking for a fun and creepy tale should pick up this middle grade novel from Newbery Medalist Avi. Tony Gilbert always thought his great uncle Charlie was a bit weird, but once they start living together they become great friends. Uncle Charlie still talks endlessly about supernatural beings, but Tony doesn’t believe a world until Uncle Charlie dies and Tony begins to see his ghost everywhere. Could Uncle Charlie be trying to send Tony a message about the spooky happenings at his new school?

City Shapes

Inspired by her own walks around New York City, Diana Murray delivers a charming picture book that is sure to please mini urbanites. Our tour guide is a young girl who finds shapes in average moments during her day. A subway ride underground reveals a world made of squares, and a look through her beloved kaleidoscope turns the park around her into colorful circles. Young readers will finish this book and immediately want to hop on the subway and discover all of the shapes that their own city has to offer.


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