This Week’s Hottest Releases: February 5 — February 11

This Week’s Hottest Releases: February 5 — February 11

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the eight titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Winter Previews for the best books coming out this season.


Ghachar Ghochar

This is the first book of Vivek Shanbhag’s to be translated into English, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. In it, a man tells the tale of his life and his extended family to a waiter whose advice he has always valued greatly. The man’s family was in dire financial straits until a relative opened a spice company, launching the family into new financial circumstances. But money can’t solve everything. There is still tension simmering between family members, and ethical questions start to haunt the man, despite his newfound comfort.


The Vaccine Race

For many of us, vaccines are a regular part of life. We get shots before we go away to school, and flu shots (semi-) regularly to ward off ailments. But where did this technology come from, and how does getting a vaccine actually keep us from getting sick? For anyone who has ever wondered about  the answers to these questions, The Vaccine Race will be a fascinating read. Author Meredith Wadman tells a gripping tale about science, politics, ethics, and the race to find effective vaccines to prevent devastating diseases.

Universal Harvester

In this mystery, readers will travel to Nevada, Iowa where something strange is afoot at the town’s Video Hut. When customers return videos to Jeremy, who works at Video Hut, they report that there is something else on the tape. Finally, Jeremy decides to take a look for himself, and what he finds is chilling. On the tapes, he finds footage shot in a familiar-looking barn. The only sound is someone breathing. Jeremy and his boss, Sarah Jane, are horrified and soon find themselves on the case. What they find will stay with them for a long, long time.


The Stolen Child

Lisa Carey spins an enchanting tale in The Stolen Child. Set in 1959 on a magical island off of the coast of Ireland, this novel concerns the island’s inhabitants and a newcomer named Brigid. She has come to move into her uncle’s cabin, which she has inherited, but she is also in search of something else: a special well that reportedly can make miracles happen. This search will have implications for the whole island. Brigid befriends sisters Rose and Emer, and the three women will become more and more involved in one another’s lives, hopes, and fears. For lovers of Irish culture, there is no better book to pick up this week.


The Lawrence Browne Affair

Georgie Turner is a master of disguise. His ability to pose as anyone and everyone is what lands him a job pretending to be a secretary for the Mad Earl of Radnor. But once he arrives, Georgie quickly realizes that the attractive Lawrence Browne isn’t mad at all. Lawrence’s belief that he’s afflicted with the same madness that took the lives of his father and brother has nearly driven him to ruin. His servants are gone, his castle is in shambles, and the villages think he’s possessed. Modern readers will see that Lawrence’s true struggles come from social anxiety (not recognized during the Regency period) and his conflicted feelings about his sexual orientation. With Georgie’s help, Lawrence begins to slowly piece his life back together and accept himself for who he is. In a starred review Kirkus called this “Another exquisitely written, deeply romantic novel from [Cat] Sebastian.”

Empress of a Thousand Skies

Crown Princess Rhiannon Ta’an is the only surviving member of the imperial family. She believes the fatal crash that killed them was the work of Crown Regent Andres Seotra, and she’s determined to bring him down. But her plans are interrupted when she’s attacked before her coronation. Meanwhile, rumors fly that Rhiannon has been assassinated by Aly Myraz, a war refugee and reality star. Aly is forced to prove his innocence before he’s sentenced to death for treason. Readers will be glued to their seats as they watch Rhiannon and Aly’s lives collide.

The Mesmerist

Jess and her mother have completely perfected the art of the con. With a bit of flair and effort, they’ve convinced the unassuming citizens of Victorian London that they’re spiritualists. Things are going well and they’re profiting nicely, until they realize that 13-year-old Jess truly does have a gift for speaking to the dead. Suddenly Jess sees ghouls and monsters everywhere she turns, and it might be up to her to stop them from terrorizing her city.



Children are incredibly observant. Their eyes and ears are always open to the world around them, and they’ve likely heard a lot of adults talking about immigration lately. This picture book from Sujean Rim introduces young readers to the concept in a warm and approachable way. Chee-Kee, a young panda, moves with his parents to Bearland. They look, speak, and act different from all of the other citizens, and often it makes Chee-Kee feel very alone. But when some bears get into trouble, Chee-Kee realizes that his differences make him the perfect person to help.


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