This Week’s Hottest Releases: 6/21 – 6/27

This Week’s Hottest Releases: 6/21 – 6/27

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 10 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Summer Previews for the best books coming out this season.



Sarah Hepola tackles alcoholism in this harrowing and gut-wrenching memoir that you won’t soon forget. Whether or not you have a history with drinking, this book will likely evoke multiple shivers of recognition. Hepola’s voice is almost frighteningly relatable, and her efforts to balance a successful professional life along with her relationships and her own health will ring true to many readers.


The Festival of Insignificance

If you’re looking for a straight-up narrative told in a reliable and serious voice steeped in realism, look elsewhere. But for readers who are willing to let Milan Kundera take them on a delightful detour, The Festival of Insignificance is an excellent pick. Some are hailing this book as the culmination of Kundera’s long and storied career, and for diehard Kundera fans especially, this slim and thought-provoking volume is not to be missed.


Emmy & Oliver

Emmy and Oliver were inseparable until that fateful day when Oliver disappeared. Emmy never forgot about him, and spent much of her young life wondering where her best friend had gone. Then, one day, he comes back. He had been kidnapped by his father, and now must learn to grapple with the darkness in his past. Can Emmy and Oliver reunite, and regain the closeness they once had? Critics are calling this the perfect book for fans of Sarah Dessen, and we couldn’t agree more.


The Truth and Other Lies

Henry Hayden seems like a good enough guy. He’s a bestselling author and a stable friend and husband who seems to have nothing to hide. But as you might imagine, that is not the case. Hayden has built his career by taking credit for novels that his wife wrote. Plus, his mistress becomes pregnant. With the walls starting to close in on his career and and marriage, Hayden will stop at nothing to keep his secrets under wraps.

Wicked Charms

Guess who’s back: Lizzy and Diesel. This time our favorite treasure hunters are searching for a pile of pirate’s loot hidden by Collier “Peg Leg” Dazzle. The plunder contains jewels, coins, and gold, but what these two are really looking for is the Stone of Avarice, one of the seven stones of power that represent the seven deadly sins. This stone’s sin is greed, a temptation that brings out the worst in other hunters who are searching for the pirate’s treasure. How far can greed push a mortal soul? Read to find out.

Safe at Last

If you like your romance with a side of danger, then the latest from Maya Banks is the perfect read for you. After years apart, Zack and Gracie hardly recognize each other. But while Zack has flourished (transforming from boy to man and taking a job at Devereaux Security), Gracie has withered and lost her psychic gifts. Zack is determined to not let Gracie slip away again, and when her life is threatened, he knows he has no choice but to protect her or risk losing her forever.


The Leveller

A little escape from reality sounds nice, but imagine being trapped inside a virtual world. Nixy Bauer makes a living as a bounty hunter in a virtual reality gaming world. Basically, parents pay her to drag their kids out of the game and back into the real world. No one is ever happy to see her, though life doesn’t seem to bad until she realizes that Wyn Salvador (son of the game’s developer) is being held captive inside of the world.

Tiny Little Thing

It’s 1966, and it seems like Christina “Tiny” Hardcastle has everything going for her. She is happily married to Frank Hardcastle, who everyone expects will ascend to the Senate in the fall. But everything is not as perfect as it seems in this glamorous family: Two visitors from Tiny’s past show up at her Cape Cod home, and then a scandalous photo surfaces. Will the Hardcastles be able to keep the past and their secrets at bay in order to continue their charmed lives?


The Dungeoneers

John David Anderson ditches superpowers for magical powers in his new middle grade series. Colm Candorly is an apprentice rogue at a school for thieves, learning to pickpocket and pilfer like the best of them. Along the way he makes friends with barbarians, druids, and mages—relationships that come in handy when fighting orcs, pulling off heists, and the other challenges that come with their Robin Hood lifestyle. This witty book is perfect for readers who are looking for a new adventure.


The House that Jane Built

School is out, but class is in session for readers who pick up this inspiring biography of a woman who sought to improve the lives of others by welcoming them into her home. Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, helped to create Chicago’s first playground and is seen as the founder of the social work profession. The book teaches an important lesson that Addams knew very well: A successful community is a supportive community.


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