This Week’s Hottest Releases: 5/24 – 5/30

This Week’s Hottest Releases: 5/24 – 5/30

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 12 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Spring Previews for the best books coming out this season.


Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread

Do I even need to bother? This short story collection from Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk is probably already on your TBR list. But for anyone who missed it, here are the details: Zombies, drugs, and more take center stage in this dark and addictive collection. Some stories have been published before, but there’s plenty of new material, including an appearance from Tyler Durden, everyone’s favorite soap maker.



Tuesday just aren’t the same without Parks and Recreation, but thankfully this week brings the second comedic book from Ron Swanson—er, Nick Offerman. Throughout the collection, Offerman recounts the stories of men and women from American history that he greatly admires. There’s plenty included about his own life and views, making this read far more than just a book for laughs. From religion and politics to philosophy and woodworking, Offerman continues to deliver everything readers loved from Paddle Your Own Canoe.

The Rocks

This mystery set along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea just screams beach read—the perfect book to dive into while you soak up the sun. Lulu and Gerald have avoided each other for 60 years and when their meeting, and inevitable confrontation, results in both of their deaths, readers are left to wonder just what happened all those years ago. To answer, the novel takes readers back year by year, unraveling a riveting tale of shipwrecks, scandal, drugs, and more.

The Water Knife

Perhaps a bit #tooreal for California readers, this book explores just how violent humans can become when their world is ravaged by drought. Angel Velasquez lives in a land of unbalanced power, where the rich hoard water and the poor are left without a drop. He works for a powerful woman and when rumors of a new water source reach her, she sends him out to investigate. But survival makes people reckless, and Angel gets more than he expected when he reaches Phoenix.

Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People

Whether you’ve followed New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee for years through his hilarious illustrations, or if you’re a smart, attractive reader who is becoming newly acquainted with his word, you’re sure to enjoy this collection of his best work. Divided by subgenres of the smart, attractive people who are likely to pick up this book (from lumberjacks to people with “real jobs”), you can easily skip around the book in search of comics made specifically for you.


Zodiac Station

A gripping thriller told in the most unforgiving place on Earth, this is a great read to pick up if the heat is already too much and you want to escape to the Arctic. When the US Coast Guard stumbles upon Thomas Anderson, he claims to be the sole survivor of an accident at Zodiac Station. He spills them a chilling tale, but then other survivors appear and they don’t share Thomas’ version of the events that led to the death of biochemist Martin Hagger. What truly happened out there amidst the ice and snow? Read on to find out.


Tiny Pretty Things

Did The Walls Around Us get you hooked on ballerina stories? Then you’ll love Tiny Pretty Things. Students at an elite Manhattan ballet school, Gigi, Bette, and June are no strangers to the high stakes of the dance world, and have been taught and trained to do anything they can to work their way to the stop. Frenemies have never been this graceful.

Bad for You

Attending college far from her hometown feels like a breath of fresh air to Blythe. After years of feeling like a burden on the family that took her in, she enjoys being on her own and taking care of herself. Too bad her upstairs neighbor is determined to never let her enjoy a moment of her peaceful new life. When his isn’t escorting beautiful women in and out of his apartment,  tattooed lead singer Krit is constantly throwing ragers that ensure Blythe can’t hear herself think. But maybe that isn’t such a bad thing, because when she does have a moment to herself, her mind can’t help but stray to Krit.



No one believes that Mina is a virgin—how can they when she’s pregnant? Mina’s father is ready to kill her boyfriend, while her boyfriend is positive she must’ve cheated on him. But the truth is far more complicated than that. With the support of her mother and friends Hannah and Jesse, it’s possible she can survive this unfathomable turn of events. Other seniors are spending their year preparing for their future, but for Mina, this year means growing up fast and thinking about the future of her child.


A Match for Marcus Cynster

As the chosen leader of her clan, Niniver is determined to right her brothers’ wrongs and make her family proud and prosperous once again. Knowing that few men would be happy to stand silently by her side while she ruled, and that many would attempt to take control for themselves, she’s decided that the best thing for her clan is for her to remain single and focus on ruling. The men in her life, of course, have other ideas and pursue her to the point of stalking. Niniver strikes up a quick deal with the imposing and handsome Marcus, figuring if other men think that she’s taken, they’ll back off. But, as her attraction to Marcus grows with each day, it becomes more and more clear that marriage may be in her future after all.


The Fog Diver

A steampunk adventure for the middle grade set, this thrilling book will appeal to fans of pirates and fantasy alike. Thirteen-year-old Chess sails with his fellow crew members through the Fog, a deadly mist that has driven most of humanity to live on higher ground. Chess and his crew scavenge for treasures they can sell to survive, but Chess’ reputation has grown too big and soon the villainous Lord Kodoc is hunting for him, wanting to use Chess’ skills for his own gain.


Touch the Brightest Star

Forget the phones; This interactive book uses only your child’s gentle touch and imagination to illuminate the world of a beautiful forest after dark. A tap to an empty sky results in stars on the next page, the swiping of fingers reveals a shooting star, and more. Ideal for bedtime reading, it’s a book that proves to young readers that you don’t need screens to connect with a story.


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