This Week’s Hottest Releases: 1/3 – 1/9

This Week’s Hottest Releases: 1/3 – 1/9

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 10 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Winter Previews for the best books coming out this season.

Spark Joy

New year, new you! Or so the saying goes. For anyone who wants to become more productive in the new year, this is the perfect book for you. Marie Kondō, author of the bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is back and ready to show readers how to declutter, organize, and clean their way to a happier life.

Stories I Tell Myself

Have you ever wondered what it was like growing up with Hunter S. Thompson as a father? Wonder no longer. Here, his son Juan Thompson describes the growth of their relationship and how they reforged a strong father-son bond after a period of anger and silence. Juan’s childhood was far from normal and readers won’t find themselves bored with stories of LSD parties, motorcycle rides, and Hells Angels. But what is even more engaging is the story of a boy growing into a man and finding common ground with his father. There were moments of fear and loathing, but in the end there was also love.


Mr. Splitfoot

Samantha Hunt weaves together two incredible tales in this novel. One tells the story of Cora who learns that she’s pregnant and isn’t sure what to do about this unexpected turn of events. When her mute aunt Ruth appears, Cora follows her on a journey through upstate New York. The second story features Ruth and Nat, two girls being raised in a foster home run by a religious fanatic. Unsure of what to do when they turn 18 and have to leave the home, they link up with a con man who wants to use Nat’s gift of speaking to the dead to make money. This contemporary gothic novel has been starred by both Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, and is a surreal and unforgettable tale.

Travelers Rest

Kirkus calls this one “Alice in Wonderland meets The Shining,” and if that doesn’t hook you, we don’t know what will. Caught in a snowstorm, the Addison family (Julia and Tonio, their son Dewey, and Tonio’s brother Robbie) are forced to stop in the creepy town of Good Night, Idaho. They settle in to the Travelers Rest, a old hotel, and one by one are lured away by mysterious forces until they’re separated. Julia must find a way to reunite her family before they become Souvenirs—citizens trapped forever in the town of Good Night.

The Past

An extended family vacation brings out arguments, drama, and even secrets in this contemporary gothic novel. Four siblings, with their children in tow, reunite at the country house where their mother raised them after she left their father. The house may be sold soon, meaning this three week stay may be the last time any of them will be there together. But that might not be a bad thing, especially after some of the children uncover a horrifying secret in the forest.


The first in Jay Crownover’s Saints of Denver series, this book focuses on the steamy romance between Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller. Sayer is a bit tightly wound, and even if she does want Zeb to be the one to loosen her up, she doubts he’d ever be interested in someone like her. Zeb, a tattoo-covered ex-con, is most certainly interested in the elegant Sayer. He drops hints left and right, but she never takes the bait. Zeb goes from flirty to desperate quickly, though, when his past starts to catch up with him and he needs Sayer’s legal know-how to keep him on the straight and narrow.

The Impostor Queen

Elli has spent her entire life preparing for the moment when she would become queen of Kupari. Magical powers of fire and ice pass from queen to queen, and when the former queen dies, Elli waits for the magic to enter her… but it never does. Powerless and ashamed, Elli flees to the outlands, where banished criminals live. It’s there that she learns of a prophecy that foretold her destiny, and sets out on a path to save her kingdom and its magic.

The Night Voice

This is the 14th and final installment in the Noble Dead Saga, so newbies might want to start at the beginning. As for those of you who are already fans, you’re in for a treat. Magiere, Leesil, and Chap only have to hide the last two elemental orbs and then they’re home free. Sounds simple, right? Well, it would be, if not for the rumors that undead creatures are waking an evil force called the Night Voice. Plans change and instead Magiere sets out to save the world once more in this action-packed series closer.

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics

Middle grade readers flipped over Escape to Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, and now they can finally enjoy the sequel. Luigi Lemoncello is a world famous gamemaker, and he’s invited teams from across the U.S. to compete in a competition he’s dubbing the Library Olympics. There will be puzzles, challenges, clues, and lots of surprises. Kyle and his team are back and ready to take on Lemoncello’s newest creation. But something fishy is going on at the library, and it looks like someone is trying to censor which books kids are reading. That just won’t stand. Kyle, Lemoncello, and their friends are on the case. This tale is ideal for any reader who can’t get enough books.


Ella and Penguin Stick Together

This picture book puts a unique spin on a common fear: the dark. Ella and Penguin are excited about a pack of glow-in-the-dark stickers, but they’re less excited about needing to go into the dark and spooky closet to see the stickers in action. They try to look at the stickers under umbrellas and in the bathtub, and it quickly becomes clear that they’ll only glow in the dark. Together, they help each other overcome their shared fear and they bask in the glow of their solar system stickers in the no-longer-scary closet.


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