This Week’s Hottest Releases: 11/15 – 11/21

This Week’s Hottest Releases: 11/15 – 11/21

Happy To Read Tuesday! Here we’re highlighting the 10 titles that our editors are most excited to add to their TBR shelves. For even more hot new releases, check out our Fall Previews for the best books coming out this season.


438 Days

If you liked Life of Pi, you’ll love this true story of a man who was stranded at sea for 14 long and harrowing months. Journalist Jonathan Franklin conducted dozens of interviews with Salvador Alvarenga in order to capture just what it was like after his two-day fishing trip turned into a near-deadly nightmare at sea. After a storm killed the engine of his boat, Alvarenga’s ship was tossed and strayed 9,000 miles from home to the Marshall Islands, where he was eventually discovered. What does it take to survive alone in the wild for over a year? Find out here.



Fans of the Beatles are sure to love this imagining of John Lennon’s pilgrimage to an Irish island. In 1967, Beatles’ cofounder John Lennon purchased a tiny island off the coast of Ireland with the intention of transforming it into a hippie commune. Author Kevin Barry’s second novel imagines that Lennon returned to the island in 1978 to find solace, space, and (hopefully) some creativity. This novel is filled with classic Irish charm, the dodging of paparazzi, and even a James Joyce-inspired monologue.  

MT cover

Memory Theater

This may be Simon Critchley’s first foray into fiction, though fans of his philosophy books will find a lot to enjoy within this novel’s pages. The central character is named Simon Critchley, and he’s tasked with digging through the boxes of a deceased French philosopher, Michel Haar. In the boxes, he finds astrological charts that seem to accurately predict the deaths of other philosophers… including himself. In the months he has left, Critchley devotes his days to finishing Haar’s final project: a 16th century Venetian memory theater, a place meant to contain the sum of all knowledge.


This Old Man: All in Pieces

Roger Angell has done it all… or at least written about it all. He started writing for The New Yorker in 1956 and has covered topics ranging from books to baseball, from art to an all-dog opera. This collection reflects his work by including a little bit of everything: essays, letters, reviews, haiku, profiles, a piece on Derek Jeter’s departure from the Yankees, and more. When we say there’s something in here for everyone, we seriously mean it. Not only for fans, this collection is sure to make readers think, laugh, and want to read even more from Angell.


American Blood

Read this one before it hits theaters. Bradley Cooper will be starring in this movie, and producing it, so you know this will be big, and you can say you knew about it from the start. The plot centers around a cop pulled back into the line of duty to find a missing woman. Former NYPD officer Marshall Grade wasn’t retired like you’d expect, though: He was in the witness protection program after an undercover job with a mob went awry. Marshall wants to use his talents to save a local woman who has gone missing, but coming out of hiding means attracting the Dallas Man, the contract killer who is out to murder him.



Looking to start a new fantasy series? Check this bad boy out. Five hundred years ago, a disaster ravaged the planet. The survivors now live on six islands above the Endless Ocean, though their existence isn’t peaceful. The Seraphim are winged soldiers fighting in a civil war in the skies. As if that isn’t badass enough, they also can control the elements of ice, fire, and lightning. Twins Kael and Brenna are just beginning their training at the Seraphim Academy, following in the footsteps of their late parents, who died while in combat. There’s a lot to learn, but they don’t have much time. A rival island is poised to attack their home and they need to ready to jump into action and defend their island.


The Mistletoe Inn

If you’re the kind of reader who is already humming Christmas carols, this book is for you. Richard Paul Evans is known for his Christmas tales, and this read is sure to warm you even on the coldest winter nights. Thirty-two-year-old Kimberly Rossetti refuses to spend another holiday alone. Instead, she signs up for a writing retreat in Georgia and vows to finally follow through on her dream of becoming a writer. She’s hoping that hearing her favorite romance author speak will reignite her passion for storytelling, but what she doesn’t count on is Zeke, a fellow writer with a dark secret of his own. He encourages Kimberly to open up about her painful past and pushes her to stop wishing and start acting on her dreams. His advice is just what she needs, but can she help him in return?



Seventeen-year-old Calvin was born on the same day that the last Calvin & Hobbes comic strip was published, and he grew up with a stuffed tiger named Hobbes that his grandfather gave him. This playful connection between his life and Bill Watterson’s classic comic was fun as a child, but now Calvin has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Suddenly Hobbes isn’t a mere stuffed toy, he’s a fully formed delusion. Calvin becomes convinced that if he can get Bill Watterson to draw one final comic that shows the iconic mischievous six-year-old living a healthy life without Hobbes, his sickness will be cured. He sets out with his best friend Susie to find Bill and rid himself of Hobbes forever.


The Game of Lives

James Dashner is best known for his The Maze Runner, but fans know that his Mortality Doctrine series is just as action-packed and thrilling. This is the final book in the futuristic sci-fi series that straddles the line between the digital world and reality. As the book kicks off, Michael has gathered together a strong group of allies to go up against Kaine and defeat him once and for all. But, that’s easier said than done, and some of his friends have sinister motives of their own. Fans of the first two books will devour this exhilarating finale.


The Little Prince Coloring Book

The adult coloring book trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, and we’re pretty happy about that, especially if it means we get to relive some of our favorite classics. Readers and artists alike can savor the timeless story in a whole new way with this coloring book filled with original artwork inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic and full pages of the book’s most memorable quotes.


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