The Truth About Cholesterol

The Truth About Cholesterol


It turns out raising your good cholesterol isn’t really all that good for you. Those little HDL particles won’t prevent heart disease. You know what will? Keeping your total cholesterol at bay. These books can help.

“Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook, 4th Edition,” by the American Heart Association
The best way to lower cholesterol? Eat right. The “American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low Cholesterol Cookbook, 4th Edition” provides 50 recipes to help readers eat well but enjoy their food. The heart people cover everything from Tilapia Tacos to Pumpkin-Pie Coffeecake, while throwing in tips and tricks to keep your heart pumping.

“The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure,” by Robert Kowalski
At the age of 41, Robert Kowalski had already endured a heart attack and two coronary bypass surgeries. He set about creating a plan to lower his cholesterol and found one that works for the rest of the world as well. “The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure” is the result of his effort. Two months of your time isn’t too much to ask, is it?

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol,” by Dr. Mason W. Freeman and Christine Junge
The crew from Cambridge tackle cholesterol in “The Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol.” Dr. Mason W. Freeman, founder and chief of the Lipid Metabolism Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, and freelance writer Chistine Junge team up to produce this tome filled with all things lipids.

“The Great Cholesterol Con,” by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick takes the medical community to task in his 2008 book “The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It.” He cites a number of studies and details how the pharmaceutical industry has attempted to alter the discussion to pad its bottom line. Kendrick dispelled the “good” and “bad” cholesterol myth before so many others.

“Why We Get Fat,” by Gary Taubes 
Lowering cholesterol is just one step to a healthy body. Keeping the pounds off is a second. In “Why We Get Fat,” Gary Taubes takes readers on a step-by-step journey during which he explains where the extra weight comes from and how to make it disappear. The “Good Calories, Bad Calories” author refreshes the conventional wisdom of nutritional science, arguing that sometimes less is more.


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