The Room of Requirement, Gatsby, and 8 Other Fictional Social Media Profiles

The Room of Requirement, Gatsby, and 8 Other Fictional Social Media Profiles


It’s been 10 years since Facebook came into this world, and it’s almost impossible to imagine what we would do without it. Along with successors like Tumblr and Twitter, it has revolutionized social interaction and self-expression. To celebrate Facebook’s birthday, we’ve given 10 of our favorite fictional characters—and objects—a chance to test out the social media apps that didn’t exist in their time.

The One Ring

After being taken on an adventurous, action-packed journey across Middle Earth, the One Ring can’t be having much fun smoldering in the pits of Mount Doom. So, what’s the all-powerful Ring to do? Might as well update its Facebook status.

Party Ponies

These self-proclaimed Party Ponies know how to throw a rager. It’s safe to say if Centaurs ran the Percy Jackson universe, the event invites would never stop.

The Room of Requirement

Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement: a room that keeps your secrets and hides what you don’t want found. Oh, but if walls could tweet… the Room’s tell-all Twitter account would certainly be eye-opening.

The White Rabbit

As someone who’s constantly running behind, the White Rabbit may find himself wasting even more time, were he to take to social media. Then again, such craziness makes just as much sense as the actions of every other Alice in Wonderland creature.

Augustus Gloop

It may be an understatement to say that Augustus Gloop loves food. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he nearly drowns in an attempt to drink a chocolate river. His Tumblr page would certainly reflect that obsession and be filled with #foodporn.

Jay Gatsby

The Great Jay Gatsby is obsessed with two things: Daisy Buchanan and becoming wealthy enough to marry Daisy Buchanan. Luckily, Tumblr has enough party ideas and high fashion to keep this budding socialite in the lap of luxury.


Even though he’s friends with the worry-free and friendly Winnie-the-Pooh, poor Eeyore is never happy. At least on Instagram, he can take poetic snapshots of his #rainydays.

Sherlock Holmes

Solving murders is not a pleasant business, and Sherlock Holmes’ Instagram would likely be very gruesome. He just can’t resist opening the floor to public opinion, only to shrewdly mock their naïveté and show off his superior intellect.

Holden Caulfield

iTunes is too mainstream: The Catcher in the Rye’s Holden Caulfield would likely be jamming out on Spotify instead—where he can share his music tastes with his phony Facebook friends. Prepare yourself for the music of troubled youth and indie bands he bets you’ve never heard of.

Katniss Everdeen

Athletes often warm up before a big match with music. Who’s to say that the tributes of The Hunger Games wouldn’t want to do the same? Katniss Everdeen built her life around her family’s survival. She has a one-track mind, and her music choices reflect that.


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