The Real Bailey Flanigan Gets Hitched!

The Real Bailey Flanigan Gets Hitched!


Karen Kingsbury introduced the world to heroine Bailey Flanigan for the first time in “Leaving,” and fans instantly connected with the love-inspired romance series. Bailey, the quintessential girl next door from Bloomington, Ind., has grown up in the novels. If you haven’t read them, we won’t spoil it for you, but you can be sure that the love triangle between Bailey, Cody and Brandon makes for exciting reading. The conclusion of the Bailey Flanigan series, “Loving,” became a New York Times best-seller this spring.

So how did Bailey come to be? The author didn’t have to look far for inspiration for her leading lady. Her own daughter, Kelsey, served as muse and cover model for the series. So what became of the real-life Bailey Flanigan? Did she have a happily ever after?

[Warning: Series spoilers below!]

On June 2, Kelsey tied the knot in real life to singer Kyle Kupecky. You might recognize him from the Bailey Flanigan book trailers, in which he played Brandon, the man Bailey ultimately chooses to marry. After Kelsey and Kyle said their “I Dos,” they showed off their own star power with a light-hearted dance battle which included their whole bridal party. Thankfully, someone got the whole thing on tape. Watch the video to see the happy couple celebrate their fairy tale ending by busting a move.


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