The Perfect Perfumes for Our Favorite Literary Characters

The Perfect Perfumes for Our Favorite Literary Characters


Kelly Jones’ nose knows. She is a fragrance designer in New York City, and is incredibly gifted at crafting, analyzing, and describing scents. Here, she shares with Bookish the perfumes that iconic literary figures would wear. Take a whiff; we think you’ll love what you find.

Fragrance is an invisible medium. What better way to bring perfumes to life than to pair them with our favorite literary characters?


Character: Juliet Capulet
Perfume: Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun

Juliet Capulet is almost too young to even wear perfume, so her scent is innocent and simple, yet subtly sensual. Juliet is wise, brave, and headstrong and her perfume has an underlying rebellious attitude. This is the essence of Not A Perfume, by Juliette Has a Gunsingular, fresh, and clean, yet mysteriously irresistible. It is created with just one perfumery ingredient: a fabulous synthetic accord called Cetalox—as romantically potent and intoxicating as a vial of a lover’s poison.


Character: Denny Swift
Perfume: Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella

This story is told through the eyes of a dog, Enzo, whose master is a racecar driver. A canine, with such a keen sense of smell, would certainly approve of Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella for racer Denny Swift. Denny is offered a job testing Ferraris on an Italian track, a chapter especially fitting for this cologne from Italy’s oldest apothecary. The essence captures the scent of a vintage racecar with notes of cracked leather seats, gasoline, and burning tires in a haze of vanilla smoke.


Character: Eilis Lacey
Perfume: Hylnds Foxglove by D.S. & Durga

Eilis Lacey experiences bittersweet heartbreak for her Irish homeland in her new life in Brooklyn. But Hylands Foxglove by D.S. & Durga can help her find the scent memories of both of her worlds. Foxglove is a fragrance inspired by the British Isles, but it is blended in Brooklyn. It captures the tranquility of wild archipelago fields and flowers, untamed meadows, accords of Queen Anne’s lace, iris, and immortelle, kissed with a salty sea-like touch of ambergris. Hipster-like, yet nostalgic.


Character: Katniss Everdeen
Perfume: Forbidden Games by Kilian

Forbidden Games by Kilian is a fragrance for “when going beyond the boundaries has never been so exciting.” The essence opens with a burst of ripe fruits, almost reminiscent of a drop of juice from the nightlock berries plucked on the border of District 12. The heart of the fragrance is fierce yet beautiful, just like Katniss, with notes of Bulgarian rose and midnight jasmine. The bottle comes in a white clutch adorned with a gold snake; quite the prize for any victor.


Character: Julia Child
Perfume: Lann-Ael by Lostmarch

Beloved chef Julia Child wraps her tales in cream and sugar as she reminisces about her “many pleasures of cooking and eating.” Lann-Ael is a gourmand perfume by Lostmarch, a perfumery in the Brittany region of France. It smells of warm croissant wrapped in butter and dipped in milk, with a crème brulee finish, next to a basket full of fresh French bread. Bon appétit.


Character: Scarlett O’Hara
Perfume: Sycomore by Les Exclusifs De Chanel

A bottle of Chanel would surely grace the vanity table of Scarlett O’Hara, and she would spritz it on elegantly with fashionable Southern charm. But her Chanel would be more surprising and mysterious than the typical scents from this famous fragrance house. Sycomore from the Les Exclusifs collection – a daring perfume of vetiver and woods. It is tenacious, enchanting, and powerful.


Character: Daisy Buchanan
Perfume: Notes of Rosé by Kelly & Jones

In the Roaring Twenties, pink champagne, wine, and spirits were always flowing at Gatsby’s parties. Although in the end Daisy Buchanan’s more devilish personality is revealed, her lighthearted side uncorks laughter and flirtation, like rose petals falling into a pool of romantic inebriation. Her fragrance pairing is Notes of Rosé by Kelly & Jonesa complex, wine-inspired blend of black currant, pink florals and white suede; a perfume that is at once lucidly angelic and mischievous.

Kelly Jones is the owner and founder of Kelly & Jones – a fragrance company that creates perfumes inspired by the world of wine. Her work has been featured by Martha Stewart, The TODAY Show, Wall Street Journal, Refinery29 and more.


  1. I love this! Such a great way to get to know my favorite characters a little better. And now I really want to get my hands on some of these scents.

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