The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Someone to Read

The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Someone to Read

We know—you’re a bigger bookworm than Jo March, you’ve reread library books more times than Belle has, and now you want to share your favorite tattered read with your best friend or significant other. But there is a process to recommending books, especially if you want to stay friends afterward and/or not turn them off to reading forever. Follow our handy how-to guide for the perfect way to get someone you care about to read something you care about.

Do: Offer to be a reading buddy. (What do you know, we’ve got an app for that!)

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Don’t: Say, “Oh my God, you have to read this!” Slow your roll, girl. That kind of overenthusiastic pushing would never work on you, now would it? Tread carefully, or your plot will be over before it even begins.

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Do: Ease friends into an exciting new genre, especially if it’s something daunting like sci-fi or literary fiction.

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Do: Mention if you don’t like your pages dog-eared or the like.

Don’t: Impose a list of must-nots around the book.

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Don’t: Pester them via text, email, and social media for their progress. Back off and let them enjoy it!

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Do: Keep track of who you lend your books to.

Don’t: Be a librarian Nazi.

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Don’t: Spoil your favorite parts of the book. Because nothing kills an enjoyable read faster than, “Didn’t you just die when Ron and Hermione kissed on page 625?”

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Do: Point them toward fanfiction—assuming they liked the book enough to want to explore that world more.

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Don’t: Take it personally if they don’t adore the book. We all have different tastes, and their opinion doesn’t tarnish how much you love a certain book.

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Do: Be open to their recommendations. Turnabout is fair play. And who knows—you may find your new favorite book.

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