The Best Detox Books: Master Cleanse and More

The Best Detox Books: Master Cleanse and More


Now that you’ve digested your turkey dinner and all those trays of holiday cookies, it may be time to get your body back on track. These books about cleanses and detoxes will leave you feeling lean and healthy in the new year.

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    1. The 21-Day Sugar Detox

    While many cleanses involve strict regimens that include fasting or subsisting solely on juices, The 21 Day Sugar Detox presents a plan that dieters can incorporate into their daily life. With a focus on proteins and good fats, Sanfilippo’s detox works by letting the body naturally rid itself of all the unhealthy stuff, with sugar being the main culprit.

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    2. The Beauty Detox Solution

    Nutritionist-to-the-stars Kimberly Snyder’s detox not only helps to bust belly fat but, by ridding the body of harmful toxins, it also leads to glowing skin, healthy hair, clearer skin and better mood.

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    3. The Raw Food Detox Diet

    Drawing upon the increasing popularity of raw food as a dietary lifestyle, Natalia Rose devises a five-step plan for cutting out unhealthy processed foods and cultivating a diet based on natural ingredients, complete with 80 recipes.

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    4. 21 Pounds in 21 Days

    Roni Deluz’s ambitious weight-loss cleanse focuses not only on ridding your diet of harmful toxins, but also advocates making lifestyle changes, such as stress reduction, that can help you break bad eating habits. The book lays out three distinct approaches to losing up to 21 pounds in three weeks, complete with a comprehensive glossary of nutritional information and a detailed explanation of recommended supplements.

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    5. The Conscious Cleanse

    Inspired by co-author Schaalam’s struggle with weight gain and depression after a severe injury, The Conscious Cleanse advances an interdisciplinary approach to getting your body (and mind) back on track. The book shows how to combine dietary changes with yoga and other relaxation practices. Who doesn’t need those at the holidays?

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    6. The Complete Master Cleanse

    Classics are classics for a reason. Also known as the “lemonade diet,” the “Master Cleanse” calls for substituting food with a drink mixture comprised of tea, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Originally developed more than 30 years ago, it’s the program that started the cleansing craze and it remains a go-to detox bible. It also recently had a starring role on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, although the protagonist, Piper, gave up halfway through her cleanse attempt. Look where that got her: prison.


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