Summer 2015 Romance Reads: Steamy Cowboys, Psychic Beauties, and More

Summer 2015 Romance Reads: Steamy Cowboys, Psychic Beauties, and More

If the steamy hunks and gorgeous leading ladies in these titles are any indication, this summer is bound to be a scorcher. New adult author K.A. Tucker takes readers to Dublin, Ireland where a brush with danger leads to a romance between an Irish bartender and an American tourist. Meanwhile Jude Deveraux wraps up her Nantucket Brides series in a sweet closer that’s perfect for a day at the beach. Whether you’re looking for a historical romance to read while lounging by the pool, or if chilling next to the AC with a sexy fantasy is more your style, we’ve got the perfect romance reads to fill your summer with love.

Shards of Hope

Never felt anything like this

If you’re looking to jump into a series with no background knowledge, scroll down. If you’ve already done the background reading, get ready for the next thrilling and epic installment in Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling fantasy series. Silence has fallen, or rather the Silence Protocol, which once helped to control the lethal Black Ops team known as the Arrows. Aiden Kai has risen to the role of leader and pulled in his childhood best friend Zaira Neve to help him protect the Arrows. Trained not to feel emotion, Zaira is the one thing that Aiden has never managed to feel ambivalent about. But feelings are dangerous when someone has begun hunt members of the Arrow, and the two must learn to rely on each other as they never have before if they hope to save their people.

On shelves: June 2


Only a Promise

London calling

Eighteen-year-old Ralph Stockwood walked into battle with the bravery and boldness only youth can bring, but it was taken away when he watched his three best friends die in the Napoleonic Wars. Years later, going home to his family’s estate is a welcome escape, but their pestering about his love life is not. Haunted by the war and all he lost there, love is the last thing on Ralph’s mind. So when Chloe Muirhead proposes a marriage based on practicality rather than emotion, he sees it as the perfect way to satisfy his family. For Chloe, the survivor of disastrous seasons in London, staying in the country and silently marrying seems like the ideal alternative to spinsterhood. But she can’t avoid society forever, especially when Ralph goes back on his promise to keep her far from the city and takes her back into the heart of London.

On shelves: June 9


Safe at Last

Do you trust me?

Everyone said Zack and Gracie were doomed, but Zack always believed they’d make it… until they didn’t. Without a note or a clue left behind, Gracie disappeared one night and left Zack to forever wonder why. But Zack didn’t give up that easily. Even as an adult, he still holds onto her memory and it’s paid off. He nearly doesn’t believe his own eyes when he finds her. It’s Gracie, but she isn’t the girl he remembers. Stripped of her psychic gifts, this once vibrant girl is a shadow of her former self, and what’s worse is that she left because she believes he betrayed her. With enemies hot on his trail, Zack needs to find a way to protect Gracie, a task easier said than done from a girl who refuses to trust him. In a book filled with her trademark suspense, Maya Banks delivers once again in this third installment of her Slow Burn series.

On shelves: June 23


Ever After

The healing power of love

Sometimes two lovers need a little push to get them together and sometimes that push comes in the form of two meddling ghosts. Physical therapist Hallie doesn’t realize the Nantucket home she just inherited is haunted, all she knows is that she needs to take it back from her identity-stealing stepsister Shelly. Turns out that Shelly, pretending to be Hallie, had offered to house and rehabilitate military veteran Jamie Taggert. Suddenly saddled with a roommate, Hallie attempts to make the most of her situation—which isn’t too tough considering just how cute Jamie turns out to be. And with the help of the Bell Sisters, two spirits who appear only to those searching for true love, the sparks begin to fly. Whether you’ve patiently waited for each new title in the Nantucket Brides trilogy or if this is the first one you’re picking up, you’re in for a heartwarming and delightful read about two souls finding each other.

On shelves: June 23


Kiss Me

You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress

Phoebe Kitzke can’t say no to a friend in need, which is exactly how she ends up leaving L.A. to help out on a cattle ranch in Fool’s Gold, the tiny California town where Susan Mallery has set some of her sweetest and most memorable romances. The ranch, run by the sexy cowboy Zane, needs all the help it can get after Zane’s 17-year-old brother Chase set up a website offering to host a cattle drive for tourists. The last thing Zane wants is help from his stepsister’s friend Phoebe, who is far more city- than cattle-friendly. But Phoebe’s enthusiasm is infections and Zane quickly finds himself falling for this cowgirl-in-training. Readers familiar with the series will recognize cameos from old favorites, while newbies will be rushing out to buy the previous installments (there are 16) once they finish this one.

On shelves: June 30


A New Hope

Let love blossom and grow

Similar to Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow, there are towns in romance novels that readers would happily pick up and move to. And for anyone looking for a fresh start, Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point seems like the perfect place to shape a new life. A small town off the Oregon coast, it’s a peaceful spot for Ginger Dysart to breathe in fresh air and cope with the loss of her child. Working in a flower shop is a refreshing change and allows her to spend her days preparing flowers that celebrate life. It’s while she’s delivering flowers for a wedding, however, that she meets Matt. Still reeling from his own divorce, Matt isn’t handling his brother’s wedding well at all. After a drunken scene where he attempted to hit on Ginger and frightened her off, he shows up sober and apologetic in her flower shop. Can love bloom between these two hurt souls? We think so. Dig your toes into the sand because this is the ideal small-town romance for a day at the beach.

On shelves: June 30


Chasing River

Drag me down

After two years of saving every penny she earned, 25-year-old Amber is ready to get out of Oregon and experience the world! An experience she could do without? Nearly dying on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. Her life is spared thanks to a quick-acting stranger, but from the way he ran away, she has to assume that her knight in shining armor doesn’t want to be identified. Sure enough, the stranger is River Delaney and his brother planted the bomb that almost killed Amber. River’s caught up trying to save his brother from getting into trouble and the last thing he needs is a gorgeous American tourist showing up in his family’s pub and distracting him. Amber thinks a fling with her hero would be a great way to tick foreign fling off her travel bucket list, but the closer she gets to River the deeper he pulls her into his world.

On shelves: July 7


Twice in a Lifetime

Fast track to love

After her husband’s death in World War II, Clara Sinclair’s world began to move in slow motion. Between caring for her aging mother, raising her now-teenage son, and trying to pay the bills, every move she makes it carefully thought out and planned. So when racecar driver Drake McCoy quite literally zooms into her life, she doubts it’ll be for long. But in offering to fix up her broken down truck, Drake begins to wonder if his wandering ways were best put to rest in favor of settling down in small-town America. Dorothy Garlock is a pro and this comforting romance about the joy of falling in love again is the perfect companion for a lazy summer day.

On shelves: July 7


Tremaine’s True Love

I’ll take care of you

Lady Nita Haddonfield is responsible for bringing scandal to her family. No she wasn’t caught in the arms of some dastardly rogue and she isn’t penniless or pregnant; she’s simply administering first aid. Nita spends most of her time tending to the sick in her local village, using the medical knowledge passed on to her from her late mother. When she isn’t doing that, she’s reading up on the latest medical breakthroughs. While she saves lives, her family worry about her exposing them to possible diseases, which is why none of them could be happier when the handsome Tremaine St. Michael comes a-calling and sets his gaze upon Nita. Originally in the market for a herd of rare sheep (who isn’t?), once Tremaine sets eyes on Nita, he’s all “I want ewe.” And, to get her to fall for him, he doesn’t have to pull the wool over her eyes. Tremaine isn’t at all sheepish (last pun, I swear) about what he wants and decides to prove to Nita that even the most dedicated of caretakers sometimes need to be taken care of themselves.

On shelves: August 4


Brown-Eyed Girl

Our hearts a-thumping

Romance series are unique in that most can be read out of order, though long-time fans often wait with bated breath to see when their favorite side character will be featured in a book of his or her own. For fans of Joe Travis, your day has come. In this final installment in the Travis Brothers quartet, wedding planner Avery Crosslin is in the middle of planning the biggest event of her career and she doesn’t have time for distractions—namely a wealthy, rebellious bachelor named Joe. Aftering mistaking him for a photographer, rather than a guest, at a wedding, she figures she has embarrassed herself enough and pushes her attraction aside. But Joe isn’t one to let go of what he wants, even if it means digging up secrets from both of their pasts.

On shelves: August 11



  1. Great list!! I have an awesome summer book recommendation if you are looking for suspense and romance! I just read “The Friend Request” by author Charles Soto and I could not put it down. It is a Facebook love story about two high school sweethearts who reconnect later in life to find that they both now live in two totally different worlds. Chase is a ultra rich business owner dealing with some scandalous family issues and Carly is a struggling single mom desperately trying to care for her disabled son. I absolutely loved the characters and found this to be an entertaining and addictive book! I am sure I will be re-reading it again on the beach!! Hope you check it out

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