Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolution

Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolution


There’s a mix of dread and excitement that comes with thinking of a New Year’s resolution. On one hand, you get 365 brand new days to start over, which means almost anything is possible. Then again, if you didn’t stick to your resolution last year, you might be feeling a little helpless. That, thankfully, is where books come in. We all need help from time to time, and these books can help give you the added motivation you need to keep a resolution strong well past January.

I resolve to think before I tweet
Unfriending My Ex
Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Kim Stolz can teach you a thing or two about taking a much-needed break from cell phone and social media addiction.

I resolve to stop making fun of vegans and try to eat more veggies
Blogger-turned-cookbook author Gina Homolka is a lifesaver for those looking to lower their calorie intake without sacrificing flavor.

I resolve to swipe right (occasionally) and be less cynical in love
Data, A Love Story
Did Amy Webb crack the code to winning at online dating? Read to find out.

I resolve to cut toxic substances from my life
Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol
A recovering alcoholic herself, Ann Dowsett Johnston’s Drink provides a sobering look at the dangerous links between women and booze.

I resolve to shift my thinking and achieve my weight loss goals
The Shift
When simply wanting to lose weight turned into needing to lose weight for her career, Tory Johnson’s whole view shifted. Follow her journey and let it inspire your own.

I resolve to turn off Netflix and get more than 5 hours of sleep
Say Good Night to Insomnia
This how-to guide can teach you not only why you aren’t sleeping well, but also how to maximize the hours you are getting.

I resolve to think more about the creatures we share this planet with
War of the Whales
This thrilling tale shows that saving the Earth’s creatures is far more dramatic and dangerous than you could imagine.

I resolve to find peace of mind
My Age of Anxiety
Anxiety is the most common form of officially classified mental illness. Scott Stossel’s journey to quiet his anxious mind is one that any sufferer can relate to and hopefully find solace in.

I resolve to explore new types of exercise until I find what works for me
Learning to Breathe Fire
If flipping a tire sounds like more fun than running on the treadmill, CrossFit might just be for you.

I resolve to stop texting and driving
A Deadly Wandering
Matt Richtel confronts our most dangerous temptation in this examination of the human attention span through the story of a college student who killed two scientists when texting while driving.

I resolve to return to school
Traditional Degrees for Nontraditional Students
Reentering the classroom, can be seriously daunting. Carole S. Fungaroli guides students-to-be through the process, citing her own experiences as an adult student, and encouraging her readers to make real sacrifices that result in big payoffs.

I resolve to learn from my mishaps and see life as a full picture
Love Life
Rob Lowe’s second memoir would make his Parks and Recreation character (the eternal optimist Chris Traeger) proud with its honest look at life’s ups and downs.

I resolve to stand up for myself and support those who don’t yet know how to do that for themselves

HIV-positive Paige Rawl would not let herself be bullied into silence and now is helping others learn to do the same in this remarkable tale of her journey from ostracized teen to passionate advocate.


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