Steamy and Sweet Romance Picks for Fall: Boy Bands, Vegas Weddings, and More

Steamy and Sweet Romance Picks for Fall: Boy Bands, Vegas Weddings, and More

Ah, the fall. The changing of leaves, the nip in the air, it just makes you want to curl up with a good boy… er, we mean book! Oh who are we kidding? The aura of fall has us reaching for romance novels to make the chilly days and nights just a bit cozier. This season brings new series from favorites like Maya Banks and Debbie Macomber, as well as a sizzling read from Mia Gabriel, and even a few inspired by some of our favorite boy bands. So settle in with a pumpkin spice latte and get to reading!

Life without parole, literally
Josette and Cadegan were never supposed to be together. There are several reasons for this, not least among them the fact that she is just a photographer who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Cadegan leads a life that Josette would never think possible, complete with his sentence in an immortal prison. But despite this, Cadegan is drawn to Josette. He also knows that his feelings for her could come at a high price—higher than he is willing or able to pay. Sherrilyn Kenyon continues her Hell-Chasers series with this hotly-anticipated new installment.
On shelves: September 2



Delicate sensibilities be damned
This may be Mia Gabriel’s debut, but she’s by no means new to writing romance. Gabriel serves as the pseudonym for a mysterious bestselling author who has written over 30 historical romances. Here, she sticks to her roots in Edwardian-era England, though Lord Savage comes with a delightful erotic twist. The widow of a loveless marriage, Evelyn Hart finds herself breathlessly swept up in the passion she feels for the powerful Earl of Savage. He threatens to drag her with him into a world of temptation and seduction. She’s sure she can’t resist much longer… and she’s sure she doesn’t want to. The perfect read for anyone looking to satisfy both a historical and erotic fix.
On shelves: September 9



Indebted to you
Calla is what you might call a late bloomer: She’s well into college, but has yet to have her first kiss. “Inexperienced” wouldn’t be the right word for her, though, because she’s experienced plenty—particularly growing up with her mother, Mona, who has never been very stable. When Mona racks up some serious credit card debt in her daughter’s name, Calla races home to remedy the situation, and that’s where she meets Jax. Jax is hot for Calla, but she’s got enough on her plate trying to track down her mother. She also isn’t quite sure what Jax is after, but she intends to find out. This new-adult novel is perfect for the college-aged crowd and the young at heart.
On shelves: September 23



Backstreet’s back alright!
You read that right, author Ann Aguirre’s new adult series takes all of its titles from Backstreet Boys songs. Unlike another title on this list (see After, below), that’s as far as the inspiration went. In this contemporary read, Lauren Barrett returns home after losing her college scholarship and runs right into Rob Conrad, her best friend’s older brother. How she’s got him blind is a mystery, he can’t get her out of his head. He doesn’t care what is written… okay now we’re just singing BSB. But you try to keep that song out of your head while reading this! #BSB4Evr
On shelves: September 30



Too much information
Kyra Royer knows an awful lot about Sebastian Jameson. That’s mostly because Jameson’s ex-wife wrote a book that detailed their bedroom activities at length, and obviously Kyra has gotten her hands on a copy. Jameson’s tastes may be a little unconventional, but they don’t scare Kyra off—not at all. The bad news is that Jameson knows Kyra’s brother is a sniper, and he’s not eager to get on his bad side by getting involved with his sister. Kyra’s hot on Jameson’s trail, but when something far more sinister than her brother threatens them both, Jameson wonders if getting cozy with her might be the only way to keep her safe.
On shelves: October 7



Safe and sound
When it comes to romance, Maya Banks writes it all: historical, military, western, and more. Banks turns up the heat and the suspense in Keep Me Safe, the first installment of her Slow Burn series. After his younger sister is kidnapped, the wealthy and commanding Caleb Devereaux calls on Ramie for help. Armed with a unique ability that allows her to locate victims based on their pain, Ramie knows that every effort she expends saps her own strength. Willing to risk it all to help Caleb, the tables suddenly turn when she finds herself in trouble and Caleb is the only one who can save her.
On shelves: October 7



A Christmas miracle
Who doesn’t love a good Debbie Macomber book? This author, whose name is basically synonymous with “romance,” is back with a new book, and this time, it’s Christmas-themed. If you’re hankering for a little holiday cheer this fall (we won’t tell), Mr. Miracle is just the ticket. Harry Mills, guardian angel extraordinaire, has two goals: help Addie get her life together, and find her a man. The second goal seems much less likely, until Harry works a little Christmas magic between Addie and her neighbor Erich, and helps these two childhood friends find some common ground.
On shelves: October 7



Never in your wildest dreams
When the Fifty Shades of Grey hype was peaking, readers and publishers began to see possibilities for the publication, and repackaging, of fanfiction (Fifty Shades was originally a Twilight fan fic). Boasting over 900 million reads on writing community Wattpad, Anna Todd’s After was scooped up earlier this year for publication. Rather than taking inspiration from a novel, however, Todd was driven to write by none other than real life boy bander and superstar Harry Styles. That’s right, One Direction fanfiction is coming soon to a bookstore near you. While the online reaction to the publication of the first book in a trilogy (an erotic telling of a young college student’s steamy and, at times hostile, connection with a Styles-inspired character), has ranged from fangirling to horror, we can’t deny that we are curious.
On shelves: October 21


Wild thing, you make my heart sing
While fans of writing duo  Christina Lauren eagerly await more news of the Beautiful Bastard film, they can warm up this fall with the sequel to Sweet Filthy Boy, Lauren’s erotic summer romance. Those who read Sweet Filthy Boy will recognize former side-characters Harlow and Finn, though first-time readers needn’t fear feeling lost. After a drunken Vegas wedding, and hasty annulment, these two are sure that they’re done with commitment. But when hot and heavy hookups begin to turn serious, they find out they might need each other for more than just sex.
On shelves: November 4




Tempting fate
If you, like many, have been waiting for Gena Showalter to write a book about Torin, Lord of the Underworld, then your moment has finally come. In this volume, bestselling Showalter dives into the story of Torin, who is no stranger to resisting temptation. But when Torin meets Keeley Cael, he’s not sure he can keep resisting for much longer. This steamy romance between a supernatural lord and queen heats up fast. Torin is torn, knowing that being with Keeley would almost certainly spell her demise. Showalter is back, and her latest won’t disappoint.
On shelves: November 25


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