Start Me Up: Breakfast Cookbooks for Busy Families

Start Me Up: Breakfast Cookbooks for Busy Families


Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but when you’re in a rush to get yourself and your family out the door, it’s easy to settle for an unadventurous bowl of cereal—or, worse yet, to skip eating altogether. These breakfast cookbooks deliver hundreds of nutritious, easy-to-follow and unique recipes sure to up your energy while getting you out the door on time.

“Easy Breakfast and Brunch,” by Susannah Blake
Susannah Blake’s recipes run the full breakfast gamut, from lean dishes for a weekday energy boost, to decadent spreads better suited to a lazy Sunday. Blake, whose other books include “500 Cakes” and “Afternoon Tea,” avoids breakfast clichés with determination. Recipes range from new spins on staples, as in her “Baked Brunch Omelet,” to concoctions all her own, like her “Winter Dried Fruit Compote.” She also includes an array of quick, commute-friendly recipes, such as energy drinks, smoothies, muesli bars and homemade granola.

“Eggs,” by Jodi Liano
Owing to their nutritional value and versatility, eggs rightly get top billing in the breakfast-food lineup. In “Eggs,” Jodi Liano, a San Francisco-based cooking instructor and food writer who blogs at Mmm…That’s Good!, shares straightforward recipes for a range of egg-based dishes, plus tips on buying and storing them. Liano shows readers how to perfect classics, such as fluffy omelets with herbs, and introduces new variations, including “Eggs Baked in Tomatoes” and “Eggs in Prosciutto Nests.”  

“Easy Breakfasts From Around the World,” by Sheila Griffin Llanas
With so little downtime during the week, why not turn breakfast into a quick (and delicious) family activity? This kid-friendly cookbook draws inspiration from global cuisines to enliven the first the meal of the day. With recipes coming from Finland, Australia and the Caribbean (to name just a few), get ready to cook with everything from fava beans and chorizo to coconut syrup. And while the dishes involve new ingredients and cooking styles, the recipes are always straightforward and easy-to-follow.


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