What We’re Reading: June 16

What We’re Reading: June 16

Do you wonder what the Bookish team is reading? Do you want to take a peek at our bookshelves? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the Bookish staff’s personal weekend reading recommendations. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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I’ve never read anything like this. This is a book that I want to buy in bulk and give to the women in my life to remind them that they aren’t alone, and that we all struggle to find the strength to take up the space we deserve to in the world. I’d recommend it to fans of Roxane Gay’s work, obviously, as well as to all women who hunger for more than society offers them. —Kelly

From page one of Hunger, Roxane Gay reaches in and squeezes your heart with raw emotion. She is writing about her body here, or as she says, her “unruly” body. As a woman who has spent most of her adult life feeling at war with her physical being, I feel almost too much emotion about this book to write anything more coherent than what I’ve said here. I will say this, though, the book is a remarkable achievement and I’m touched and inspired by how Gay has trusted her readers. —Myf

The Thief

In anticipation of reading the newest book in The Queen’s Thief series, Thick as Thieves, I have been rereading the first four books and immersing myself in the rich world created by Megan Whalen Turner. To be honest, I had almost forgotten about this gem of a series since it has been seven years since the last book and over 20 years since the first book. It has been great to rediscover this world, one full of mythology, intrigue, and wonderfully complex characters. I can’t wait to read the new one and find out what new twists and turns there will be! —Susan


Fury on Fire

I read a lot of historical romances, and I’m looking to branch out into more contemporary ones. A friend of mine recommended that I check out Sophie Jordan’s Devil’s Rock series. This is the third in the series, but new readers can easily dive in. The romance is between North Callaghan and Faith Walters. They’re neighbors who get off on the wrong foot, but soon find that there’s attraction simmering beneath their annoyance with each other. The writing is engaging, and I’m really enjoying the dynamic between the two leads. —Stephanie


Waiting for the Punch

I picked up Waiting for the Punch by Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald while I was at BookCon. It’s a collection of excerpts from Maron’s WTF Podcast, divided into chapters titled “Growing Up,” “Identity,” “Addiction,” “Success,” and the like. With guests like Amy Poehler, Robin Williams, Margaret Cho, Patrick Stewart, and even President Obama, you can imagine that the responses to conversation about these topics vary widely. But in their differences, there’s also a beautiful sense that they (and we) are all living the human experience. Even without any addiction issues (except perhaps to coffee) so many of the excerpts really resonated with me—in all of the chapters. —Kristina


The Art of Rivalry

I’m reading a great book by the Boston Globe art critic Sebastian Smee, who won a Pulitzer for criticism in 2011. It looks at the intricate relationships between four pairs of painters—Matisse and Picasso, Manet and Degas, Pollock and de Kooning, and Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon. Close friends, former friends, frenemies—the bonds between these artists shift over time, and Smee opens new windows on their art and lives with his approach. —Phil

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