Spring Forward: Quick Meals for Daylight Savings Time

Spring Forward: Quick Meals for Daylight Savings Time

Depending where you live, you most likely lost an hour this weekend when Daylight Savings Time kicked in during the wee hours of Sunday morning. If springing forward has you frazzled, save some time with these cookbooks full of quick, easy recipes. You won’t get that hour back until fall, but at least you can cope by curling up with a pizza-dilla.

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    1. Michael Symon’s 5 in 5

    It’s hard to beat the claim Michael Symon makes in the title of this cookbook. With five fresh ingredients and five minutes, Symon promises his reader dozens of crowd-pleasing recipes.

    Bookish Recommends: The poached eggs Parmesan looks pretty great to us, and the recipe even includes some tips for poaching the perfect egg. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

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    2. Isa Does It

    Everyone, from skilled vegan chefs to the newly-converted to straight-up no-restrictions foodies, can appreciate the fast and delicious recipes that Isa Chandra Moskowitz whipped up and featured in this book.

    Bookish Recommends: Sweet potato gnocchi with seared brussel sprouts and tarragon cream. Admittedly, one of the more time-consuming dishes in the book, but oh-so worth it.

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    3. Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals

    Learn how to make delicious meals quickly, and also hone your pantry stocking and grocery shopping skills with this collection of recipes and tips by Rachael Ray.

    Bookish Recommends: We’re drooling over the inside-out pizza-dilla margerita. For those who don’t know, a pizza-dilla is a pizza/quesadilla hybrid. Enough said.

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    4. Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food

    Few things would encourage us to cook faster than Gordon Ramsayshouting in our ears. Thankfully, this cookbook contains his no-nonsense attitude without the screaming intensity that we love to watch on TV—but would likely make us cry in real life.

    Bookish Recommends: Baked ricotta with caramelized peaches… because even the sound of it has us in a puddle on the floor.

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    5. Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express

    This book by Mark Bittman is special for its inclusion of seasonal dishes, which helps the reader to make more environmentally conscious and cost-effective decisions to include fresh, local ingredients in meals.

    Bookish Recommends: We suggest putting a fancy spin on your usual pizza night with his flatbread pizza with figs, goat cheese, and balsamic.

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    6. Weeknights with Giada

    We’re crossed between loving Giada and wanting to be Giada. For now, we’ll settle for cooking like her. While some of her other recipes are more time consuming, this book promises filling and flavorful meals that come together in half an hour!

    Bookish Recommends: Tilapia fish tacos with arugula. Yum. All of the flavor of a signature Giada dish, with a new twist that breaks her out of her usual Italian standbys.


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