Sherlock Holmes, Satanic Cults, and H. P. Lovecraft: Spring 2017 Mysteries and Thrillers

Sherlock Holmes, Satanic Cults, and H. P. Lovecraft: Spring 2017 Mysteries and Thrillers

Spring is a time of renewal, so what better time to reinvigorate your TBR pile with some chilling new mysteries and thrillers? This spring has a book for every reader, whether you’re craving some new Sherlock Holmes stories, or you’d rather enroll in an art conservatory where the Shakespeare productions are getting violent. We even have a new mystery from beloved young adult author Marcus Sedgwick. Whatever your reading preferences, there’s something here to keep your pulse racing all spring long.


The Whole Art of Detection

Elementary, my dear Watson

There is probably no name in the mystery genre as well known as that of Sherlock Holmes. So as you can imagine, we are incredibly excited that Lyndsay Faye is coming out with a book of Sherlock Holmes stories this spring. These stories find Holmes taking on a variety of puzzling cases, ranging from communication with the dead to the disappearance of a valuable jewel. Readers will delight in these beautifully told tales about the beloved duo of Holmes and Watson, and will surely find themselves returning to this collection again and again.

On shelves: March 7

Say Nothing

Disorder in the court

If you’re a parent, then this new thriller from Brad Parks will keep you up all night in a cold sweat. Judge Scott Sampson’s 6-year-old twins are kidnapped, and they are in grave danger. If Scott and his wife, Alison, do not cooperate, their children will be harmed. As the situation spins further and further out of control, Scott and Alison will be plunged into a dark plot concerning one of Scott’s cases. In a particularly visceral review, Kirkus wrote: “The nerve-shredding never lets up for a minute as Parks picks you up by the scruff of the neck, shakes you vigorously, and repeats over and over again till a climax so harrowing that you’ll be shaking with gratitude that it’s finally over.” Whew!

On shelves: March 7


Mister Memory

Do you remember?

Most of us struggle to remember things. But what if you couldn’t forget anything, ever? This might sound more like a gift than an affliction, but in Marcus Sedgwick’s new mystery, it’s a real challenge. Marcel Després, or Mister Memory as he is called, remembers his whole life down to the details. When Marcel is arrested for killing his wife, however, it is immediately evident that something bizarre is afoot and that the key just might lie in his memories. The trick, of course, will be finding it amidst all of the other scenes and people and facts that Marcel has held onto in his mind. This cerebral thriller will let readers reflect on the nature of memory.

On shelves: March 7

A Climate of Fear

Spring in Paris

For readers who’ve been clamoring for the next installment in Fred Vargas’ series of mysteries featuring Commissaire Adamsberg, the wait is finally over. In A Climate of Fear, the eighth book in the series, readers’ favorite police commissioner is back in action in Paris. This time, he is taking on a case concerning deaths that look like suicides, but might in fact have been murder. The deeper Adamsberg digs, however, the darker and stranger the case looks. Soon, he connects the deaths back to a tragic incident in Iceland years earlier. Will Adamsberg be able to crack the case before the murderer strikes again? You’ll have to read to find out.

On shelves: March 7

The Night Ocean

Missing in action

This book is undoubtedly one of the buzziest of the season. Paul La Farge weaves a complex and gripping tale about the disappearance of Charlie Willett. Charlie goes missing, but his body is never found, and his wife, Marina, suspects that he isn’t dead despite indications that he may have drowned himself. Before he went missing, Charlie had become obsessed with the author H.P. Lovecraft and one summer that he spent in Florida with a fan named Robert Barlow. Charlie was convinced that Barlow had faked his own death after his summer with Lovecraft. These storylines converge in this breathtaking novel that we already predict will make many best-of-2017 lists later this year.

On shelves: March 7

Ill Will

From all sides

Psychologist Dustin’s brother, Rusty, is getting out of prison. He was sent there decades ago for murdering the brothers’ parents, uncle, and aunt in a crime that was attributed to involvement in a satanic cult. But now, Rusty has been exonerated with DNA evidence, despite the fact that Dustin testified against him in court. On top of this, Dustin’s wife has just died, and his son Aaron is struggling in the throes of heroin addiction. At work, Dustin gets word from one of his patients that a serial killer is responsible for several murders in town, and when the killer strikes again, the victim is one of Aaron’s close friends. This is an immensely troubling, creepy, and heart-stopping thriller.

On shelves: March 7


A Welcome Murder

I smell a rat

Author Robin Yocum wowed readers last year with A Brilliant Death, and now he’s back with A Welcome Murder. Travel to Steubenville, Ohio, where Rayce Daubner has been murdered and the police are looking for answers. The problem is, any number of people could have had a good reason for wanting him dead; he wasn’t exactly popular. The police have a theory: Johnny Earl might have done it, since Daubner ratted him out for selling cocaine. Johnny gets brought in for questioning, but before long, a complicated web of characters whose motives are intricately linked emerges, making this book a tense and satisfying read.

On shelves: April 4


A Fever of the Blood

Man on the run

The year is 1889, the place is an asylum in Edinburgh. Lord Joel Ardglass, who may have just killed someone, is making an escape attempt. Inspectors Adolphus McGray and Ian Frey are on the case, and will stop at nothing to find him. Readers will love the historical details and magical flourishes in this installment of Oscar de Muriel’s Frey & McGray series. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly wrote, “the most impressive aspect of the novel is its detailed, vivid characters, driven by powerful emotions and full of surprises.” We feel confident you’ll agree.

On shelves: April 4


If We Were Villains

The Bard

For lovers of Shakespeare who enjoy the feeling of having a slightly elevated heart rate, M. L. Rio’s If We Were Villains is the book to pick up this season. This story, which begins with Oliver Marks on the day of his release from prison, concerns seven young actors, all of them students at Dellecher Classical Conservatory. Oliver is one of them. All seven are obsessed with Shakespeare, and all of them become so thoroughly immersed in their roles that they even begin to speak in Shakespearean English. But when their roles spill into their real lives and things turn violent, how will they ever put it behind them?

On shelves: April 11


A Single Spy

Secret agent man

World War II history buffs, listen up: This one’s for you. In A Single Spy, William Christie tells the tale of Alexsi Ivanovich Smirnov, a Russian spy who just wants to stay alive. Smirnov is sent to Nazi Germany as an undercover agent, where he will gather intelligence about the Nazis and send it back to his bosses in the secret police. As he rises through the ranks, he is eventually tasked by the Nazis with assisting in a massive assassination plot with the potential to alter the course of history as we know it. Readers, this is spy fiction of the highest order.

On shelves: April 25


Proving Ground

Daddy dearest

Nathaniel Dresden was never close to his dad, but that doesn’t mean that he wanted him dead. That’s exactly what happens, however: His body is found near Prospect Park, and Nathaniel suddenly doesn’t have a father anymore. Detective Lourdes Robles is on the case, and she immediately suspects that something fishy is going on. She is also pretty sure that Nathaniel had something to do with it. But as that case deepens, it will become  more personal than Lourdes or Nathaniel ever bargained for. It’s been years since Peter Blauner’s last novel, and Proving Ground is truly a triumphant return.

On shelves: May 2


The Long Drop

I didn’t do it

You probably know author Denise Mina from her Alex Morrow series, but this spring, she’s releasing this chilling standalone about Glasgow in the 1950s. William Watt’s worst nightmare has come to pass: His daughter and wife and sister-in-law have all been brutally murdered, and he is the main suspect. Horrified, William goes digging for someone who might be able to help him, and finds a criminal who might have some answers—Peter Manuel. As the two work together, another family is killed. Suddenly, Peter Manuel himself starts to look suspicious. Will William find the truth, or will the violence continue? You’ll have to pick this one up to find out.

On shelves: May 23


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