How to Hold a Spooky Book Club Meeting

How to Hold a Spooky Book Club Meeting


Fall is here and Halloween isn’t far away, making now the perfect time to hold a spooky book club meeting! Not sure where to start? Never fear. Bookish has some pointers for throwing the perfect creepy meeting complete with snacks, beverages, and party favors. Read on if you dare!


Terrifying treats

First things first: You’ll need appropriate snacks. We recommend classics like candy corn and other miniature Halloween candies. We also encourage you to get even more creative if you’re feeling up to it: Check out these delicious spider cupcakes!


Mood lighting

Break out the jack-o-lanterns! This is not the time of year to rely on bland overhead lighting. Instead, we recommend meeting by candlelight and incorporating any light-up seasonal decorations you may have on hand.



There are lots of creepy books out there that your book club will love diving into. Need some help figuring out where to start? Check out our must-read mysteries & thrillers of the season, and our favorite haunted house books


Spooky sounds

The right book club meeting needs the right soundtrack. Set the mood by putting together a list of songs that evoke the season. You can play the score from a horror film, “Monster Mash” on repeat… whatever sets the right tone!


Sip something scary

Sodas, water, and wine are perennial favorites, but we’d recommend serving something extra special around Halloween. Whether your club members prefer pumpkin beer or want to go all out with candy corn jello shots, there are tons of options for festive beverages.


Frightening favors

Make it a meeting to remember by giving your members trinkets to take home. You could hand out Halloween candy, Halloween-themed bookmarks, or even encourage your friends to swap horror novels.

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