Soothing Scents: Literary Candles for Your Reading Nook

Soothing Scents: Literary Candles for Your Reading Nook


You’ve got a cozy blanket, pillows, a steaming mug of tea, and your book. What is your reading nook missing? A candle, of course! Set the mood with these delightful literary candles.

This lavender and lilac candle from NorthAveCandles was inspired by Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.

For Janeites, this library candle from Paddywax is a must-have.

We think Rory Gilmore would approve of this coffee and library combination. But the best part about this candle is that Hearth and Hammer donates one dollar of every sale to support children’s literacy.

We’d volunteer for detention in the Forbidden Forest if it meant we could get our hands on this candle from Frostbeard Studio.

This Peter Pan candle from IntheWickofTime is perfect for the reader who hopes to never grow up.

Gatsby believed in the green light. Do you?

With this candle from Paddywax, you’ll feel like you’re taking a walk through nature with Ralph Waldo Emerson.

If you’re more concerned with a writing block than a reading slump, we’d suggest sending a prayer to Saint Toni and Saint Neil from SaintedWriters.

Though this candle is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” this candle makes us think of witches and black magic—just don’t light it if you’re a virgin.

If you close your eyes, you can pretend that you’re at Pemberley with Mr. Darcy.

Ready for an adventure? This Frostbeard Studio candle will transport you to the Shire.

Ward away reading slumps and Dementors with ScentMePlaces’ Expecto Patronum candle.

We’re against burning books, but we’re all in favor of this Fahrenheit 451 candle from NorthAveCandles.

Ever wondered what an assassin’s apartment smells like? With this candle from IntheWickofTime, you can find out.

Kelly Gallucci
Far too busy rereading the Harry Potter series, Kelly finds that her greatest literary sin is that she neglected to read classics like The Shining and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In between overseeing the editorial content for Bookish, holding interviews with authors like Leigh Bardugo and Victoria Schwab, and creating book recommendations for Kanye West—Kelly’s trying to catch up on the books she missed out on. She just finished The Great Gatsby and might be in love with Fitzg. Kelly received her B.A. in English Writing from Marist College and her M.A. in Screenwriting from National University of Ireland, Galway. She is a Gryffindor.


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