Sexy Stocking Stuffers: Romantic Men in Uniform

Sexy Stocking Stuffers: Romantic Men in Uniform


Whether they keep a stack of steamy paperbacks by their reading chair or they’re novices who fell for this year’s breakout romance hit, “Fifty Shades of Grey” there’s probably a romance reader in your life. This holiday season, send them to boot camp with the latest heroes in military romance who prove there’s definitely something to that old trope about men in uniform. From secret missions to protecting royalty, these guys have seen a lot of action, but they all have one thing in common–they aren’t prepared when they meet their ideal woman.

Tom “Mac” McEnroe
“Heart of Danger,” by Lisa Marie Rice 
As leader of the top secret Ghost Ops, a small, secret force that has been framed and betrayed by their organization, Mac McEnroe has gone into hiding. But he’s not that under the radar. Dr. Catherine Young has located the soldier, and it’s not just his brawn that’s dangerous–his heart is just as lethal.

Mace Harrison
“Distinguished Service,” by Tori Carrington
A decorated hero, Mace Harrison returns home to receive an honor for his service as a Marine. But his visit isn’t all business, especially after he meets Geneva Davis. To say their romance is steamy is an understatement. They fall in love quickly, but the clock ticks as Mace has to report for duty. 

Kenneth Sutherland
“The Recruit,” by Monica McCarthy

Oh yes, men in uniform date back to when the Highlands of Scotland were run by kings, and in this story, Kenneth Sutherland is a tartan-clad commoner desperate to become part of the Highland Guard. First, he’ll have to prove himself at the Highland Games (which is nothing like “The Hunger Games”) and watch out for spies. Specifically, spies like Mary of Mar, a woman ready to steal his heart.

Major David Berg
“Defender,” by Catherine Mann

In another story of a special ops set-up, Major David Berg finds himself on trial for a Dark Ops mission gone wrong. Too bad the only person he cares about is Major Sophie Campbell, the JAG (Judge Advocate General) trying to put him away for his alleged botched mission. Each half of this would-be couple has met their match, so expect fireworks in and out of the courtroom.


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