Seven Powerful Videos of Soldiers Coming Home

Seven Powerful Videos of Soldiers Coming Home

There are few things that tug at the heartstrings like watching soldiers and their families reuniting. Illustrator and graphic novelist Greg Ruth (The Lost Boy) captured the hope, nerves, and unbridled joy of one little boy reuniting with his hero in his latest picture book, Coming Home. Here, Ruth shares with us a few of his favorite tearjerker videos that show just how powerful a homecoming can be. So grab a box of tissues, and check out these seven moving videos.

Dogs never ever forget you, no matter how much time passes. They are, at their very core, family-centric animals. They have no reservations in how they express themselves or convey love, and this video shows that entirely. This is wonderful.

That crashing-into-each-other feeling you get in a video like this is amazing. I love this one because, no matter what else is going on around them, it’s just about this moment between the two of them.

I love the delay as his daughter tries to put together what’s happening, and her tears after are just devastating. The gentleness and love in this one just bowls me over.

The running leap, that boundless total joy of a pure reunion, that’s on display here is just incredible.

That little girl… She just doesn’t care about anything else here. Everything else in the world just falls away like a dropped curtain with her father in the room. It bowls me over every time I see this.

I love a good sneaker-upper, and the way she just body hugs her dad like nothing else matters is amazing. That crowd is the pure vocalization of what they’re feeling. Just perfect.

This one wrecks me the most. It’s the whole point Coming Home is aiming to approach—that unbridled, indescribable, wordless sense of pure joy and reunion. There’s really nothing that can be said about this that isn’t right there in the film. Just amazing.

Greg Ruth has written and drawn stories for Dark Horse Comics, DC/Vertigo, Fantagraphics, and The New York Times. His first picture book, Our Enduring Spirit, was written by Barack Obama. He is currently working on the graphic novel by Ethan Hawke. The Lost Boy is his debut graphic novel for Scholastic. He lives and works in Western Massachusetts. Visit his website at


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