Six Things to Discuss at Your September Book Club Meeting

Six Things to Discuss at Your September Book Club Meeting


The main topic of discussion at your September book club meeting will definitely be whichever exciting new release your group read. At Bookish, we like to start and end our meetings with a bit of general bookish chatter! Here are six things to discuss during your September book club meeting.


Head back to school
For many, September marks the beginning of a new school year. Your group can still get in on the back-to-school fun, even if you aren’t currently students. Go around in a circle and ask which books everyone loved and hated reading in school, and see what suggestions members have for books they wish were being taught to students today.


Plan ahead
The holidays are coming up faster than you think, and your group might want to start thinking about your plans. Ask if anyone in the group is traveling, and consider if a future meeting needs to be moved or if the group needs a short hiatus. Some clubs also choose to celebrate the holidays with a gift swap, so ask if your members are interested! If they are, deciding early gives them plenty of time to shop. Here are a few of our favorite book club gifts.


Celebrate the right to read
September 22 marks the start of Banned Books Week. Take a look at the list Bookish put together last year on ways to speak out against censorship as a book club: You can write letters to local officials, attend a library or bookstore event, share your own experiences reading banned books, or even test your group’s knowledge of them with a game featuring redacted phrases from famous quotes. 


Rake in the recommendations
Chances are your group’s members are reading a ton of books outside of each month’s selection. Ask everyone what their favorite non-book club reads have been this year, and make room on your shelves for the great recommendations that pour in.


Check out the library
Did you know that September is library card sign-up month? It’s the perfect time of year to see if your members would like to join the local library. If your group meets in person, consider having your next meeting at a nearby branch so anyone in need of a card can pick one up!


Everyone’s reading habits are unique, and hearing about fellow bookworms’ reading styles can help you explore new ways to consume books. Ask if anyone in the group reads audiobooks, and share this helpful guide with any members who have never listened to one before but want to get started. If you discover you’re in a group of audiophiles, challenge everyone to a round of Audiobook Bingo to be completed before your next meeting!


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