Second Time’s the Charm: Brenda Jackson’s Favorite Second-Chance Romances

Second Time’s the Charm: Brenda Jackson’s Favorite Second-Chance Romances

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This fall Brenda Jackson kicks off a brand new series set in the fictional Catalina Cove, Louisiana. The first book, Love in Catalina Cove, follows Vashti Alcindor as she returns to her hometown to take over her aunt’s bed and breakfast and is given another shot at happily ever after. To celebrate the start of this new series, Jackson rounded up some of her personal favorite second-chance romances.

I recently saw a post where someone lamented about their recent divorce by saving, “I do. I did. I’m done.” I believe that when it comes to love and romance you are never done. Not when there are second chances. Books that tell the story of a second chance at love are some of my favorites. Whether it’s a couple being reunited or couples finding love again with others, I love the concept of love continuing and never stopping. Love is everlasting. Here are the books I deem my favorite second-chance-at-love novels and why each one is special to me.

Still in Love by Delaney Diamond

This was my first book by Delaney Diamond and I vowed it would not be my last. I always enjoy reading stories of divorced couples who get back together. I find it interesting how they can decide to bring finality to their marriage when there is still some love there. In this book, I truly believed the love was there was covered under hurt, mistrust, and anger. What intrigued me was the reason this couple was torn apart, and that made me root even more for their reconciliation.

When Morning Comes by Judith Duncan

I got on the Judith Duncan train back in the eighties. During that time I read everything she wrote, and When the Morning Comes is one of my favorites. Not only is it a second-chance-at-love romance story, it’s also a story that shows how far a woman will go for the man she loves… even when there’s a chance of no reconciliation. This story tugs at your heart and renews your faith in the power of love.

The Pendleton Rule by Iris Bolling

This story had me rooting for the couple all through the book. They didn’t just have a past; they had a passionate past. When you’re dealing with two strong, opinionated, and stubborn individuals, you can expect sparks to fly. And when you throw bad guys in the mix, then bullets will fly as well. At various parts of this book, you sympathize with the hero and then later with the heroine, while all the time wondering how love will prevail and get them back together. Of course, they do get back together and prove that love is just as passionate the second time around.

Paradise by Judith McNaught

I love a rags-to-riches story, and pairing it with a second-chance-at-love plot is a winning combination for me. Matthew is a self-made man who doesn’t accept any help from anyone… including the heroine who grew up rich and pampered. What I like about this story is how it starts at the very beginning, when the hero and heroine were teens with plans that did not include each other but when there was that unspoken and unbroken bond between them. This book takes you on a wild ride every step of the way. You always understand why the characters are doing what they are doing. You might not agree with the reasons, but you end up appreciating the motives. You want them to get back together no matter what.

Into the Light by Judith Duncan

This is another special second-chance book by Judith Duncan. The secret that drove Adam and Natalie apart as teen lovers is the force that brings them back together. What I like about this story is how Natalie and Adam never lose sight of what they’d once meant to each other, although they are continuously confronted with lies and suspicions. Secondary characters contribute a lot to the story and prove there are times when reuniting can become a family/friend affair.

Brenda Jackson is a New York Times bestselling author of more than one hundred romance titles. Brenda lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and divides her time between family, writing and traveling. Email Brenda at or visit her on her website at


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