Busy Book Nerds: How to Schedule Book Club Meetings

Busy Book Nerds: How to Schedule Book Club Meetings

Schedule Book Club Meeting

Do you find it difficult to schedule book club meetings? We’re here to help! It can be challenging to juggle members’ busy lives and find the right date and time to meet up. Here, we’re sharing our tips for finding the right date for everyone in your book club.


Consistency is key
If you’re just starting to schedule meetings for your book club, sticking with the same day of the week and time can be very helpful. If your meeting times are consistent, then members won’t forget or get confused from one month to the next. When you’re planning around busy schedules and members’ vacations, it will help to know that book club always falls on the same day.


Survey your members
It’s hard to juggle members’ schedules, particularly in a large book club. To help you pick a date, set up a poll for members to communicate about their availability.  This way, you can pick a date that works for the largest number of people. Facebook groups and Google forms both make setting up polls easy. 


Create a shared book club calendar
Once you’ve settled on the date, set up a shared digital calendar. On this calendar, mark the date that you’ll be meeting, the location, and any other important information.  A digital calendar is also a great way to keep track of vacations. Most shared calendars allow users to set up email notifications so you can easily set up reminders as well.


Use a Facebook event
Facebook events are an easy way to invite your members to the next meeting and send them a reminder. If members are busy or can’t make it, they have a place to share that information, and the group as a whole can decide if they want to reschedule.


Too busy for an in-person meeting?
If some of your members are traveling and still want to discuss the book, try holding a virtual book club. You can easily hold a video chat book club meeting with a phone or laptop, or you can talk about the book via email or group message. The possibilities are endless!

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