Ron Weasley and 7 More of Our Favorite Gingers in Literature

Ron Weasley and 7 More of Our Favorite Gingers in Literature


Fiery temper, sharp tongue, short fuse—redheads throughout history have been typecast as one spark short of starting a blaze. However, our favorite fictional redheads are anything but too hot to handle. Quick witted, unnervingly brave, and always up for a good adventure, these eight characters are the snappy gingers we’d love to befriend. See if your favorite made the list— Julianne Moore’s did!

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    1. The Time Traveler’s Wife

    Clare Abshire
    Clare’s two greatest loves are art, because it’s tangible, and Henry, her time-traveling husband who is so often out of reach. She’s nuanced, stubborn, and incredibly human. Her vibrant hair also inspired author Audrey Niffenegger to dye her own, and she’s never gone back.

    SOURCE: Tumblr/Brittany

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    2. Eleanor & Park

    Eleanor Douglas
    With her overweight, buxom figure, odd fashion sense, and especially her flaming red hair, Eleanor is truly against the world in a way most teenagers aren’t. She stands out in a crowd and is mocked mercilessly for it, but lacks the conviction to stand up for herself. But we love her—for being realistic in telling Park that it’s ridiculous to be in love at 16 and think it’s forever; for daring to fall in love anyway; for her flamboyant, springy locks; and for her strength. It takes a lot to let the world push you down and still get up and stare back in its face. Despite her unconventional looks, she’s more beautiful than most.

    SOURCE: Simini Blocker

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    3. Anne of Green Gables

    Anne Shirley
    We’ve learned so much by reading along as Anne grew up at Green Gables: recovering from making a bad first impression, overcoming anger, following your dreams, and making sacrifices for the ones you love. The most important lesson she taught us was that life isn’t about the grandeur, it isn’t about the sunbursts and marble halls, it’s about what makes you happy. For that, we’ll always adore Anne.

    SOURCE: Tumblr/haywroths

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    4. Madeline in London

    Madeline is my hero. She lives in Paris, in a gorgeous house covered in vines, she eats delicious French bread, and her best friend is named Pepito. They have baller adventures where they run away to live with gypsies, ride horses in London, and get rescued from drowning by an adorable stray dog. If they ever wanted a third friend to travel with, I’d be first in line.

    SOURCE: Tumblr/a nostalgic nerd

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    5. The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 1

    Guys, Tintin is kinda adorable. He’s the Captain America of gingers, following Boy Scout ideals of purity and goodness. But that doesn’t make him naïve—he’s an investigative journalist whose quick thinking has helped him solve mysteries and escape from danger countless times. Plus he has a dog named Snowy who saves his life, provides hilarious commentary, and likes Scotch whiskey. What more could you want?

    SOURCE: Tumblr/radical

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    6. Meet Felicity

    Felicity Merriman
    Samantha-lovers step aside, Felicity is where it’s at! Quite literally a revolutionary girl, Lissie never let herself be limited by the gender norms of her time. She was outspoken, funny, and never afraid to be herself. Even as a doll she was a trendsetter, being the first of the original four American Girls to not have bangs. As her book series progressed, she began to embrace more feminine hobbies—dancing, serving tea—but never lost that original spark that made her a true American Girl.

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    7. Pippi Longstocking

    Pippi Longstocking
    Any list of favorite redheads in literature is incomplete without the incorrigible Pippi Longstockings. Pippi is unique with a capital “Q,” with her animal best friends, superhuman strength, and endless sense of adventure. What young reader didn’t want to be friends with her? Heck, I still want to be friends with her!

    SOURCE: Tumblr/Bennett Madison

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    8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book 1)

    Ron Weasley
    Personally, I think Ron is one of the most underrated characters in literature. During his first year alone, his quick wit comes in handy when Hermione struggles with the Devil’s Snare, and he sacrifices himself during a life-threatening game of Wizard’s Chess so that Harry could get to the Sorcerer’s Stone. Though his need to prove himself sometimes blinds his judgment, he puts his friends on the level of family and truly is willing to stand by them through anything. Plus, he’s a bloody brilliant Keeper. At the end of it all, Weasley will always be my king.



  1. You forgot two very important gingers in literature! First, James (Jamie) Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Frasier, of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. He’s strong, passionate, and Scottish. Second, James ‘”Jim” Winthrop Frayne II, of the Trixie Belden books, by Katheryn Kenny. My first ginger love, long before Harry Potter was a thing, Jim Frayne solved mysteries and protected his girl Trixie and his adoptive sister Honey while being a normal high schooler (albeit, one in the 1940ish).

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