Book News: Revamps and Returns

Book News: Revamps and Returns


Cult comics and authors rise from the dead, bunnies get makeovers, and the ultra-modern Shanghai subway goes old-school.

fireflyJudging by the teasers all over social media, it looks like Dark Horse Comics might be bringing back cult series Firefly.


leonardSpeaking of welcome returns, it is also likely that late Elmore Leonard’s son will finish his father’s last book, Blue Dreams.


Grubstreet1Unlike Grub Street student E.B. Moore, though, he hasn’t signed a deal yet–let alone a double deal with Penguin! The first installment of Moore’s An Unseemly Wife should be out shortly.


kateWhile on the subject of unseemly wives, reality TV star Kate Gosselin is suing her ex-husband: Jon allegedly stole her hard drive and hacked her phone in an attempt to gather dirty details for a less-than-amicable tell-all.


googleMeanwhile, the legal battle between the Author’s Guild and Google over the latter’s digitalization of over 20,000 books continues; the company hopes to settle by claiming its actions were “transformative.” Who knows if the judges’ll bite.


MiffyAn indisputed transformation, in any case, is that of Brit-hit Miffy the rabbit, whom publishers Simon and Schuster are revamping for modern audiences.


shanghaiAt times, of course, vintage is the best kind of modern–or that’s what Shanghai Subway’s line 2 officials seem to think: they’ve now created an underground print library for their customers.

This article originally appeared on Zola Books.