Recapping BookExpo America: Scandalous Swag, Ebook Signings, and More

Recapping BookExpo America: Scandalous Swag, Ebook Signings, and More

Now that we’re on the other side of BookExpo America—coming down from squee-worthy author interactions and all the parties—we wanted to share our highlights with you. Last week’s BEA experience was a heady mix of meeting both iconic authors and exciting debut writers; throwing a Zola Books party and an ebook signing event; and nabbing some rad book swag. We’ll be posting our individual author interviews in the coming weeks, but for the moment, relive BEA with Kelly, Natalie, and Elizabeth!

Author Sightings

Meeting Lori Rader Day, who we featured in our Summer Mysteries & Thrillers preview. She exclaimed, “You put me on the same list as Stephen King!” and ran out and gave me a hug. —ER

Sitting down with Christian Rudder, one of the co-founders of OkCupid, and telling him all my OKC horror stories of the past year. —NZ

Having lunch with The Baby-sitters Club author Ann M. Martin and hearing her talk about how moving and emotional it is to meet with her fans. —KG

Finally meeting Christina Lauren (who wrote a hilarious piece for us on the rules of writing erotica) and having them say, “This is the pin you need to be wearing.” Before handing me this pin. —KG

Shaking hands with Barbara Taylor Bradford… who has probably shaken hands with the Queen. —KG

Hearing all of the Harlequin authors talk up each other’s books. —ER

Mary Kubica exclaiming that the banner for her book was bigger than her house. —KG

Watching the corgis Corgnelius and Stumphrey dash around their little pen while their adoring fans snapped photos. —NZ

Joking with Adi Alsaid about stealing the car with his name on it.—KG

Casually running into James Patterson in the food court, but being blocked by three security guards when simply attempting to walk down the same hallway as Grumpy Cat. —KG

Talking about my two favorite topics—love and food—with Isabel Gillies. —KG

Having Lauren Beukes, one of my all-time favorite authors, sign my copy of The Shining Girls with the words “Thanks for the best interview.” And then watching her underline “ best interview.” —KG

Watching debut authors’ faces light up as they talk about their books and first interactions with readers. —KG

Industry Run-Ins, Panels, and Parties

Shaking hands with Jane Lynch at the Random House party and her saying, “Bookish? I like that name.” —NZ

Getting to meet the publicists and editors that I’ve spent the last year emailing back and forth with. —KG

Enjoying cocktails and discussing literature at our #BookTech party at the New York Public Library.—KG

(And the mac’n’cheese balls!) —NZ

Intending to stop at Javits for only a quick interview and staying there for two hours drinking wine and constantly running into friends at one of the booths every time I was about to leave. —NZ

Being at the Harlequin party with Nicky Hilton, and thinking Kelly and Natalie were joking when they pointed her out. (They were not.) —ER

James Patterson calling out Amazon at the ABA luncheon and spurring us all on to actually discuss these issues. —NZ


Explaining to people that our ebook signing (with Autography) was not, in fact, a practical joke. —ER

Seeing the excitement and overwhelming joy in the faces of young readers. —KG

Talking #WeNeedDiverseBooks with Matt de la Peña for much longer than our interview was planned for. —NZ

This sign in the bathroom. —KG

Making awesome friends in line (and swapping bagel recommendations) at the Morgan Matsonsigning. —ER

SWAG! —All



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